Updated: 01/11/2019 18:19
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BitAeon latest news about Cryptocoi launch, Tophats offering two new investment plans, Etherlite announcing regional representative program
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BitAeon latest news about Cryptocoi launch, Tophats offering two new investment plans, Etherlite announcing regional representative program

The BitAeon hyip investment opportunity is not listed at HyipNews. Nevertheless, on alternative resources the program has been showing good results and recently its admin has published the news update telling the Cryptocoin of their own become the leading investment choice for the BitAeon customers worldwide after passing the final stages of testing.

With the purpose to complete final testing procedures the BitAeon customers are going to be provided with certain amounts of Free BitAeon Coins. So, for a limited time 3% from your daily profit payments will be added to members' BitAeon Coin balance. The coins provided for testing can be sent and exchanged when the Cryptocoin will be launched.

The Tophats platform gladly presented two new investment offers for the members. One plan is paying 5% daily for 30 days and another one - 7% daily for 22 days. As you can see the project becomes more targeted upon the daily paying scheme, although the total return remains similar to previously active plans (150% and 154% respectively). Obviously the reason for introducing the new plans has been the growing customers' interest in daily profit earning. No other terms have been altered, it  needs to be mentioned. Still the amount to be deposited varies from $50 to $50000, withdrawal minimum is $1. One more announcement is about the closure of the 2.5% for 60 days plan. Still every active deposit made to this plan will expire it's been declared.

The Etherlite hyip investment program which recently completed its first week online gladly informs the customers about the latest results: more than 2000 investors, who joined the project. Etherlite offers affiliate program and representative program for extra income. Also in the latest newsletter the admin of Etherlite hyip investment program informed that representative program is live and working. The main requirement to become a registered representative is to have at least 3 active affiliates and 1 active deposit to Etherlite.

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