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See latest hyip news, BitBoots new plan Tophats Farm Profit Booster feature, Bizzilion Bounty program update Cointonix adds NixMoney, stock exchange
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See latest hyip news, BitBoots new plan Tophats Farm Profit Booster feature, Bizzilion Bounty program update Cointonix adds NixMoney, stock exchange option

Grailum Limited and its website platform BitBoots keeps on growing and expanding. The staff of the project makes all possible efforts to develop the services and improve terms for the customers. Special attention is taken towards supporting partners attracting a large number of referrals. So Grailum Limited adds an extra level starting at 30,000USD with a 2.5% daily earnings and increased referral commission on 9%.

Tophats Farm added Profit Booster feature, which is the new opportunity to receive short-term income. Using the Profit Booster feature/plan you can get another 110% after just 5 days if you choose not to withdraw funds after the current plan expires and reinvest to the new one. In order to join the Profit Booster plan you need to have an active deposit with any profit rate - 3%, 5%, or 7% daily. The second condition of this plan is the payment method, since deposit is only available when you create it from the internal balance of your account, which means only the profit accumulated on your account ca be used for making deposits to the new plan.  

Bizzilion informs of the new task in the Bounty program, completing which one will get additional income. Make a short Bizzilion video review and get a nice financial bonus.

How to get a bonus for video review?

1. Create a short informative video about Bizzilion.
2. Post a video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Youku.
3. Specify your referral link in the video description.
4. Fill out the special application form on the Bizzilion website in the "Bounty" section.

If the task is completed correctly, the bonus will be credited to your account balance immediately after the verification of the application. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the new task and get your bonus.

Bizzilion also reminds that neither BitcoinTalk nor Content tasks are available any longer. However, all applications created earlier will be paid if the conditions are met and the rules are followed.

Meet the numerous requests of the customers, Cointonix added another payment system - NixMoney. This is the most anonymous payment system, which appeared on the market of payment systems in the spring of 2013.

Personal data is not required to top up balance and make payments. The advantages of the service also include: fixed commission amount, currency exchange option, the possibility of using joint accounts.

Cointonix also officially announced registration on officially open. Starting from this week the company's investors will have the opportunity to transfer their CTX credits to their personal account that is listed on the stock exchange. Even if you are not interested in trading on stock exchange, you can register and build your affiliate structure in order to earn good commissions from all transactions of your affiliates.

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