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Read the latest digest BSFinance fake mailing warning, Genesis Trade updates, Hodium completes 2 months online, Vekx Global 1 month online
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Read the latest digest BSFinance fake mailing warning, Genesis Trade updates, Hodium completes 2 months online, Vekx Global 1 month online

Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. BSFinance, one of the TOP listed hyips at HyipNews, warns customers about fake mailing and fake groups in telegram and tells is the only website owner ONLY. As for Telegram - there's only one news channel in the social network, and there are no official groups in telegram either. IMPORTANT!

If you see any 'Official group of' - this is FAKE.
If you see any 'BSFinance Admin' or 'BSFinance Support' in telegram or any other social network - this is FAKE also!

Support of BSFinance is only provide through email, online chat on official website and by the phone.

Genesis Trade, listed at HyipNews for 18 days, makes the website available in Spanish. The language options can be located in the top right corner of our website. Another update from the project is the addition of Ethereum as the option for deposits and withdrawals. As it's been said: "Investors are now able to multiply their Ethereum holdings using our investment system".

Hodium has been 2 months online and the admin of the project is happy to inform Hodium is growing and initial results are positive. The team of Hodium is ready to release new updates both to the staking platform and the global members' community. New innovations are claimed to be brought on, based, first of all, on the requests of the members and customers. If anyone thinks Hodium is missing anything, or if there's any update, worth being added, don't hesitate to contact the support, following the e-mail: [email protected] or via official social channels.

Vekx Global has been making significant progress all round cryptocurrency. The admin of the project listed at hyip listing sites for a month or so claims the program will fit the needs of any investors interested in making a fortune with cryptocurrencies. As it's been said: "No matter where you are in your life right now – whether you’re currently succeeding at an extraordinary level, or if you’re struggling to find your way. Being part of us gives you more insight and awareness to go about crypto investments." That's a serious message and hopefully the intentions of the admin and the entire team of Vekx Global will correspond the message delivered. So far things look good and the program seems to be aying on major listing sites.

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