Updated: 06/24/2021 13:03
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Good day our dear investors and partners!
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Good day our dear investors and partners!

We have some outstanding news today! During the next few weeks at our home page will be added Coinex TP company video review, filmed directly from our office! Every investor and partner will be able to see this video review very soon!

Bitcoin broke down on June 22. falling to a low of $28,805. However, it rallied back up almost immediately, reaching a close of $32,509.
While technical indicators are still bearish, the most likely wave count indicates that the bottom is in.

Bitcoin is again trading above the $33,000 level , Ethereum recaptures the $1,950 price mark .
Both currencies dropped below these crucial support levels of $30,000 and $2,000 on Tuesday, along the other major cryptocurrencies BNB, ADA, XRP and the others.

Enumerating the benefits of bitcoin, Coinex TP  team compares it to gold. Saying that bitcoin with all its benefits qualifies it as a modern form of gold. BTC is easy to carry. It enjoys extreme liquidity internationally. And most of all, bitcoin supply is limited. No one can create more bitcoins. This means that it cannot be manipulated by the government for their gain. The coin supply can also not be manipulated by any developer. 

This imposed scarcity means that bitcoin is not subject to inflation. Which is a major concern for the investors around the world.

Join the Coinex TP trading community today and increase your investment shortly!
Together we can change the future! We wish you all the best!

Coinex Trade Platform Ltd.
UK Officially Registered Company.
Company Registration Number: 12088440
Incorporated on 5 July 2019

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