Twenty Rules for HYIP Investors

Updated: 07/11/2005 15:42
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Dear readers, when you became investors, and started depositing to high yield investment programs, you probably came across a number of difficulties and suffered great losses.

These were not just the material losses; there were also moral losses as well. Though in return you should have got an important thing - EXPERIENCE. This experience costs much more than some hundreds of dollars, cause EXPERIENCE allows you earning more.
EXPERIENCE allows protecting yourself from despair and disappointments that occur along with defeats. And in this issue we are going to share particularly this experience. We just don't want to move away to verbose reflections, on the subject, what investor should do, and what - shouldn't, we just want to set 20 laconic sentences.

These are not just the rules, concerning investment process directly, there are also rules, concerning general questions, questions of security and systems' reliability. Remember, you are investors and you are a tasty morsel for the violators.

1. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

2. Don't invest to programs, located on free hostings.

3. Never open files, sent from unknown addressees.

4. Never load files, located on any untried HYIP and investments related resources.
5. Never trust advices you are given on public forums or places like that. Asking a question: "where to invest?", you will be given a referral link as a reply.

Don't invest to programs having bad feedback. When bad times come, you will realize that program stopped taking care of you if the feedback STOPS. How will you realize that if there's no feedback at all?

7. If you come across a program, you are interested in, just make a move once - see whether the monitoring signs are real.
8. Make another move - test the program on available for you listing sites or through the warnings listing on our site. If the program is "clear", most probably it will never be listed in the warnings and especially - in the black list.

9. And make the third move - gather as much additional information as possible via forums, popular search engines etc. If possible, make the Whois check.
10. Never invest to programs, showing no monitoring logos on the site.
11. Never give you e-currency, HYIPs' etc. accounts passwords to anyone.

12. Never click the links, given in the unapproved spam-mailings.
13. Don't reply mails, received from unknown addressees that contain suspicious questions. of course if you don't know the author of the mail, and the reason for this question to arise.
14. Never invest all your money to one program.

15. If you always want to be in the know of current events, make easy list of sites, forums and catalogues in your "favorites" and synchronize your daily watches. If you agree to the point "14", you should necessarily know the latest tendencies of the market.

16. Read more information on your subject, talk to the colleagues. It's never late to learn. You should possess knowledge and feeling, allowing analyzing the program instinctively, estimate it and make decisions.
17. Don't invest large amount at once to untried program.

Don't trust the info, located on the automatic monitoring sites. These sites are not scams; they just want to help investors, though their technically limited nature is vulnerable against violators who make such sites showing unreal statuses, resorting to various tricks.

19. Never take on a job for the sake of quick and easy money. It's often hard for the program to pay out the percent, which is higher than 5%, so most likely they suffer from their own aspirations for the quick income.

Develop your own investment policy, choose your strategy and act accordingly, hard and being 100% sure you are right. If you change your strategy constantly you can came across the "mines" all the time, if you "have it your own way", sooner or later, you will achieve success. Theory of probability. Proved by Einstein.

21. Necessarily, print this list out and try to stick to these rules at least roughly. We guarantee - sticking to them you will come across MUCH LESS problems on your way.

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