Why do we Invest to HYIP?

Updated: 09/30/2005 17:44
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Really, why? :) Have you ever thought about it? And that is actually the question one should think about, cause nobody apart from you can give answer to it. And us of course. Though this topic has already been initiated on TG for instance. And now we would like to review so that you could learn not just some interesting facts, but also could understand what different people expect from HYIP. :)

The great class of people are those investing… just for fun! Sounds amazing, though it is true. That is possibly the most valuable (philosophically) approach. Such people can't be disappointed cause they do not count on getting high profit. If they succeed – OK, if not – not bad as well. :) If the investment process is like playing cards for you that affords pleasure (cause there's part of the truth when you win a victory over your opponent – fraudster (if we mean fraudster, then practically you won't be able to suffer!

Another class – those investing… for monitoring. Yes, yes. :) Of course when we talk about these people, we have in mind us first of all. We also invest with monitoring purposes, however everything is not so simple, we just can't put it simply: for monitoring. The purpose here is much greater that is shown in the wish to change the actual state of affairs.

What kind of state of affairs? Scam. Of course scam. We don't want scam to be here. Anyway, if somebody tries to scam investors, it should happen much more seldom and with a more degree of “assent”. I.e. accent to risk that is repaid with income.

But anyway our aim is to stop scam and help investors somehow, sharing, collecting our experience, and analyzing it with the help of our knowledge and existing information and by no means it has something in common with the private “monitorings”. Here I only mean the people-monitorings, who often invest to a significant number of programs, the give on-the-fly information about their status, referring investors in every way possible, getting the referral fees.

By the way we can't just say that referrals is the basic aim of such investors.
They are of benefit to the market and we can call them our colleagues in a way, their mission is much narrower, they realize their ambitions within the bounds of opportunities, which are not great quite often. What is interesting, in the Internet one can find the links of these investors, their groups in accordance with their interests and other useful sources under their authority.

Some people invest because they are gambling and they treat a HYIP as a gambling game. More than once we have already drawn parallels between HYIP and a gambling game, and everything was not in vain I believe. There's something similar between them. As it turned out, investors also see many similarities, and analogous sense, which attracts them. Well then, for this class it is also not more than a game.

Hope the purpose in this game for them is the game itself, not victory, though if you can lose, and it is not important for you, it doesn't matter then. Also there are many people who answer this question like that: for money. These ones are worth giving closer attention. The thing is that if you invest “for money”, then by default you work for earning money.

Making money on a HYIP. Some people in this category strive for being richer, others are just trying to “earn a little money”, and third ones want to make their living. The last ones seldom remain simple investors till the end of their “career”.

Sooner or later they start to understand that it is only possible, doing a laborious and accurate job, which finally doesn't differ from any other of that kind. But in this case you stay at your computer and depend on yourself only, though the myth, saying that HYIP is a way of earning money, lying on the sofa is nothing more than a simple myth. HYIP differs from low yield investments by the necessity to control everything. To control your capital all the time, to reinvest it, study the market etc.

If you purchase real estate you will gain profit for along time rather easily. The same thing will happen if you entrust your money with the experienced trader, for instance. Of course you should know the market. You should control your funds, though… not like in HYIP. It's not like that. Hence if you invest in order to make money for living you should be aware. So far we haven't met many people like that.

Much more number of people simply want to make money. There are lots of people from the spheres that used to be directly linked with investments as such before. There are those equipped on FOREX market, those, making investments in offline industries, and HYIP attracted them with the simplicity, convenience and of course… its high profitability.

And of course there are also people who invest because it's the hobby of their own. It's hard for them to say, why they invest. Though the basic imperative is hobby. It's a passion for them, like collecting. Collecting money. They have their own strategy, their valuables, and their relics. You come home in the evening, why not making investments for a couple of ours, especially you will come across many interesting and nice people here, you can even make friends with them.

So, that is the thing that attracts some people to HYIP. Yes, yes! You won't believe it, their answer sounds like this: I am here because I like to meet people, to make friends. That's it. Maybe that's because forums are so popular here? Cause no one can help investor more than another investor.

That's why they (investors) are united in groups, who can defeat the awful evil of the high yield investments – scam. And we are here for the same purpose, in order to give the platform for such a union, as well as to participate in this confrontation, to accept those, worth attention, opposing to those, trying to scam you. That's why we invest into HYIP…

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