Things That Prevent You From Earning in HYIPs

Updated: 04/17/2015 19:59
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three things that prevent from earning
Three things that prevent investors from earning profit with HYIPs Payment systems, exchangers and hyip admins as the biggest dangers for investors.
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Lots of time the majority of people got interested in making money with HYIPs. That is understandable. HYIP may seem an easy source of making good money fast. It it actually that easy... i don't think so! But how one can survive in the sphere filled with fraudsters and scammers. That is why i want to dwell upon some things, which prevent people from earning money online from HYIPs. There are several types of institutions, which are common for the HYIP industry and without which not a single investor can work with HYIPs.

Payment systems.

If you are new to the HYIP investing, this combination of words may disturb you to some extent. The matter is the newbies don't know how to use and actually to fund the e-currency payment systems, such as Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and others, widely used in HYIPs. Not everyone knows the commission fee for using the payment systems is much higher when you try to withdraw the money, than compared to normal banks. If you are ok with that, just accept it and go further.

You should still be aware, if you are a small investor the commission may "kill" you. It's not the only thing. You need to be patient to cash out your e-money to the real cash or to your bank accounts. In such a way, in theory, e-money means nothing, they literally cost nothing, just a number onscreen.


Playing HYIPs with small amounts can become an expensive venture to take nowadays. The currency exchangers may take up to 10% of your funds, which means in its turn if you don't take any wise decisions you will become lucky if you stay in profit and get at least some part of your funds. Remember, you need to change back the funds from an exchanger to your banking account and this margin needs to be considered when planning your HYIP income. Moreover, apart from high expenses, it takes pretty much time. With a view to all that people more feel like storing their funds in e-currencies and take risks to lose them in case of the system collapse like previously Liberty Reserve and EgoPay did.


That is the idea of the article. HYIP funds themselves prevent you from earning. They will never let you earn if it goes out of their earnings. So ask yourself, if it's really worth that to invest into HYIPs? What is the purpose you are trying to reach? You need to realize, the risk is to high to lose at least 90% of your initial capital. HYIPs appear in rating sites, and far more and more often after several weeks working online they close the websites without any prior notification. Most people, encouraged to earn money with HYIPs, try to think of the program admins as of some sort of honest people, offering real income opportunities. In fact they turn out to be fraudsters.

Lots of long-term HYIP have closed recently. You can check the blacklist and read on forums, there are lots of those working for months as well as those, which used to be online for only some weeks and now they are all closed. The HYIPs are blind to your wishes and your complaints, they give you all kind of information and in case of troubles try to disguise you in any way possible and you can do nothing about that. HYIP admins will never stop if people keep on falling for them? Are you still willing to invest in HYIPs?

Experienced investors think the opposite way absolutely. In order to survive and make some money, they remain sceptic and invest carefully. Every HYIP investor need to have his mind clean and consider the chance of losing everything! Experienced investor knows for sure constant involving into HYIP gambling may not all the time lead to wins, losses is the essential part of HYIP investing. So, even though i always try to stay away from third party advices, here is the one of those, every investor should stick to: Diversify your funds! If you do, it will prevent you from losing all at once! If you diversify you may lose with one HYIP and compensate your loss with another one, which is still running and paying!

HYIPs are Ponzi schemes. Pure and simple! Some of them can make real business to help the program work, others follow the easy way and choose not to spend money into projects. Some admins are professionals and others are just in search of "easy money". The main thing is knowledge! If yio uare lack of it - you will lose everything!

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