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Updated: 05/23/2005 21:11
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Every investor should know that agreement - is the most important document, regulating relationships between him and a program. Nothing in the whole world can affect the essence of these relationships more than the terms, approved in the official and public agreement or "terms of use".

Because of superficial attitude towards this important document in particular, investors often get into not very good situations. And if they don't (fortunately), they certainly pay no attention to the key, moments, given in this document that even the most notorious SCAM possesses one.
Actually - no! We went too far here. If a program has no terms at all, it's not a program actually. It's an ordinary fraud, whose creators haven't even found time to make up any more or less good document. All in vain. We are not going to invest into programs like that.
So, what shall we start with? Above all, pay attention to the document's form of presentation.

First of all, the document should be written from the first or the second person. That is, "we" or "our company", at a pinch - "you" or "investor". We don't recommend you to deal with programs, having the document made up the way Edgar Po wrote, or the document looking like a small anecdote of three sentences. Don't laugh, it happens.

Second, the document should be drawn properly. Paragraphs and subparagraphs should be set off in bold, one paragraph of information should be opposite every term. The most important moments are set off in semi-bold. The place agreement is located is also of great importance. If it is on the main page - that's good. If - in the main menu - not bad as well.

But these are all outward things. Now, concerning the contents. First of all, one should make it clear, answers to what questions you are looking forward to find in the document given. Most of all you should be interested in your own money. That's why show interest in what is going to happen with it and what you are entitled to do. The very important moment here is whether it's possible to withdraw your principal funds from your account. There can be 4 variants of terms.

First - you can take your money within a certain period of time, second - you can take your money as soon as certain conditions complete (very seldom), third - your principal funds are paid out along with interests, fourth - nothing is mentioned, concerning your principal funds, or... you can't withdraw them.

The first two variants seem to create no questions. And the third one is extremely interesting. Very often the program says: 5% daily. You invest and get 5% promised daily, during the term mentioned. However, in the upshot if you make estimate calculations, you'll find yourself in rather surprising situation.

You'll see that instead of $12.5 wishful, you get $7.5... despite the fact you receive 5% sharp of your deposit daily. The explanation is simple: "Principal is included in return". Is it a ruse? Yes it is! But, everything is given in the terms of use. Of course, the dishonorable programs can hold it back, but honest ones claim this situation in public.

What do we have? We have a simple move. With this percent, you get... just about 1% (!) daily... the rest amount is your own deposit! Well then, is it worth saying that you are paid 5% daily? And very often the percent can even be 7% or more. Sounds good, but whether it's the same good in practice?

Especially, the term is changed from 30 days to 60 (of course, having high percents it's better to cut the term, for instance 25% within a week) and so on. And quite often these things are described in the terms of use. So, let's look for any information to take your hard-earned money back.

Some programs make excessive use of the heaps of multiple figures and high-flown names. Don't be scared - look closer. Most probably the program states, it doesn't participate in anything and anywhere, that it's not registered, or things like that. It's clear for lots of us, though they publish it so that to attach reliability.

Study all these close though skip it, all this is written for appearance. And if there's something really important and useful, (registration for example), believe me, it will be written in bold and on the main page. Things really important are usually capitalized in the agreements. Programs don't want to be charged with the consequences of hasty decisions of some not very clever investors... read this especially attentively.

It's also important to look what are the guarantees, provided by company. Companies often forget of their responsibilities, though they are not less important than your intentions to invest money to a program. In vain. Program should undertake not to disclose your personal information, your e-mail address, place of residence, especially if mentioning this data is required in the registration data. It should guarantee that it work would be aimed at returning your investment amount and site functioning support.

Further on we advice you to search for "puzzles", often met in legal papers. Disclaimer - is not an exception. Pay attention to the interest and terms of referral payouts. For example, it can be mentioned that you don't have right to receive referral fees if customer has the IP address, similar to you one, or things like that.

That's why it makes no sense to sign up everyone from your PC. By the way, you can also be obliged to do something, for example, to deposit some extra funds. Can you imagine this? But still it's possible. So, you'd better read and get a grasp of reading.

It's important to look at the wordings. If it's said: "you can take all your principal funds anytime you like without any administrative fee taken", this is one thing; but if it's said: "you have the opportunity to withdraw your principal funds" - completely another. Or, you can come across with the term like that: "after 90 days of work, your funds will be transferred back to your account".

It's not mentioned here, whether they are going to be transferred back with a single payment. Most likely they are going to be transferred back along with interests' payments, which is not so profitable, as we have already mentioned.

And there's only one way out of these tangled moments - e-mailing the admins. Mailing again and again. Asking to clear up word for word in details, what they meant to say. Your money is probably worth taking good care of. Why taking risk with the guys, making up the agreement for the purpose of having it, not regulating at all? This is a regulating document and we say it once again - it's practically the most important.

Believe it or not, though even here on-line, in this dimension agreement is a very important detail. Despite the fact agreement is not even a slip of paper, it has no signatures, though you can always rely upon it in disputable situations, when you try to prove something to somebody.

That's why we strongly recommend you to read the agreements and all the papers, laid out on the site attentively. They are all different and it will never be useless. Besides, some part of information you can find in F.A.Q., though we'll talk about it another time.

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