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Updated: 09/14/2016 18:20
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goldempower interview
Read the interview with Jay Williams, the sole founder and CEO of GoldEmpower to learn about the general aspects main principles of the program
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We are pleased to publish the interview with Jay Williams, the sole founder and CEO of GoldEmpower. The program has not been listed at HYIPNews still we are sure our readers would be interested to know about the general aspects and peculiarities of the company.

1) First of all, introduce yourself. We'd like to know who we are talking with. What is your post in the company, what's your name?
My name is Jay Williams. I am the sole founder and CEO.

2) Please, tell us about the concept of your HYIP in general, about the spectrum of services you are offering.
The concept of the HYIP is based upon my actual business. I operate a commodity exchange where I purchase gold/silver/diamonds and other precious/semi precious metals at discount and resell them to the public and mints. I started day trading and mining of cryptocurrencies when I learned about them in August of 2015. I created when I noticed the 99% of hyips that promised unrealistic returns and couldn't maintain them. I saw this as a way to help others as well as give myself operating capital to expand.

3) We are always interested to know who makes the team of the program. This is the most important element of its success. Who makes up your program?
In addition to myself, I have 3 others that work with me. One manages the website and processes withdrawals, and the other 2 help with implementing new ideas and purchasing/selling of the physical commodities.

4) Could you tell a little bit about your (and all other members of the staff) background?
We have a very diverse background. My background is in real estate and finance, and prior to that was in hotel/restaurant management. The rest of the team all have backgrounds in customer service and 2 are currently learning coding/programming.

5) Is your company a registered one or it's the virtual enterprise, working online only?
The physical business itself is in fact registered and regulated. The website has a different name and is not registered independently.

6) Do you have any documents or official guarantees, which is the guarantee of honesty for all the transactions realized through your service?
As far as documents, I guess you mean the fake UK company documents that you can buy for $15? No I don't have any fake guarantees. But I welcome any questions/comments from anyone about how I am able to sustain returns, how much I keep for myself, etc. I would be open to fill out paperwork and be more transparent for larger deposits though.

7) Please, tell us the story of your work. When did you start, have you always been like this, in this format?
I have 2 business degrees, started investing in real estate at 19 years old, and started investing in commodities in 2011. With the huge dip in the price of gold and silver over the last couple years, I saw the opportunity to develop a business out of it. Shortly after, I learned about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc, and used the volatility of them to leverage my returns into the tangible assets of gold and silver.

8) Please, share your thoughts concerning any possible problems that may happen while working with your service from the point of view of your experience? Where should investors be more attentive?
The only issues I see arise from the fact that I am not an expert programmer/coder. We have taken steps to ensure that the safety of our investors' personal information and our servers will not be hacked or shut down, but I am no genius when it comes to website design or programming. So implementing new features might be slower than other sites. If I ever decided to shut down the site, I would stop allowing any more deposits, and close the site ONLY after finishing the existing investment plans.

9) The sphere of high-yield profit can be divided into two parts, called "real-unreal", "a scam-not a scam" by average users. Aren't you afraid that you program will be regarded by investors from this angle of vision?
I am actually. Not afraid, but concerned. Too low of a return, and nobody invests. Too high of a return, and people don't believe it, and obviously it cannot be maintained. I offered the highest return that I can with 100% certainty, guarantee and maintain. I give the same opportunity to people I know well with a fraction of the return and they are extremely pleased.

10) How do you solve problems occurred? Where should investors appeal to have an opportunity to solve their problem?
I cannot think of any problems that cannot be resolved within the site, but I am available to be reached directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

11) What support options do you offer?
Currently, support is accessed through the chat box on the site or through the support email.

12) Some investors criticized a referral program, which is supposedly used for creating pyramids. We do not share this opinion and we see that you have a referral program. Why did you decide to provide your members with the referral program as it is?
The referral program is designed to bring in new clients. but so are advertisements. I have always been against referral programs until I had this thought. "Both referral programs and banners/ads are for forms of advertisements. Banners/listings/monitors cost money up front, and have NO GUARANTEE of bringing in business. Referral programs cost NOTHING up front and are only paid out after a guaranteed sale (investment)." So I am now a fan of referral programs. I don't however, offer a referral program so high or deep that it interferes with my ability to maintain the investments of my clients.

13) What is your opinion about virtual currencies' development? What new services may become available for you? Which is the most secure, profitable and easy to use? What exchange service is the most popular with you?
I think virtual currencies are still in their infancy, and I am very excited to see them evolve. The integration of these currencies in every day life will connect the world's economy in ways not possible with fiat currencies. I believe we live in an incredible time and I am doing everything possible to capitalize on it. We have institutional accounts setup on the major exchanges and we day trade cryptocurrencies on poloneix and bittrex.

14) What do you think sets your program apart from all the other "opportunities" out there?
I am a business person who was looking to the internet to expand. By crowdfunding my investments via a "HYIP" I am able to offer superior returns to my investors, but without all of the red tape that would normally accompany business loans. I want to earn more for myself WITH the help of my investors, not at their EXPENSE.

15) How do you think, why your program is worth joining it? Please give a few reasons.
The support and communication by REAL people will eventually put us above the hyips you see today. Our transparency and openness about how we make our money will eventually show true as the hyips of today fall apart.

16) Please, tell what plans do you have or the nearest future? What new services will be available, what should investors expect from your work?
Up and coming I will be working on an educational section that all of our registered members will have access to. It will be visible to only users who are logged in and have made a deposit, but it will be designed to educate them on making better financial decisions. I want to reduce the risks and losses of our loyal clients in any other programs they might have invested in or think about investing in.

17) At the end of our interview, you can always add something from you.
I just encourage everyone who reads this to give us a chance. Invest the $10 minimum. Test us for yourself. Message support as much as you want with whatever you want. If you don't feel 100% comfortable with our ability to meet our promises, I will gladly refund your initial investment.

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