Do Not Trust HYIP Rumors but Use Them

Updated: 07/21/2005 15:32
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Every person is subject to one for all process, the process inseparable from our substance... the process of thinking. To think person needs to possess lots of information, which is used for analysis. But every person physically can't have enough information to COMPREHEND everything that gets to the sphere of his interests. There are two ways out of this situation. The first one - to refuse thinking. The second one - THINK OUT the information missing... so rumors appear...

Of course, HYIP as the sphere of interests is rather engaging, cause it's about making money. Making serious money. And it's hard to think that person, being of sound mind may refuse to earn something. Speaking about information, as the constituent part of some thinking process - HYIP is simply INVALUABLE.

Why? That's because information here means direct moneymaking. If you possess information, you can take a decision, draw a conclusion - whether you will lose or win (that's the analysis we are talking about).

Sorry for the scientific language, but otherwise you won't understand that rumors may become both perfect assistant and vermin. HYIP sphere has become more than simple mathematics long time ago. Luck and skills, experience and knowledge, intuition and many other factors, which are not so easy to value, prevail here. So, be patient a little bit more.

So we are going to proceed from the fact you understand that rumors is a natural process, cause everyone wants to earn. And everyone has typical "excitement" and other phenomena in the process of making money, so it means that everyone is dragged into the turnover, where it's impossible to live without rumors. Some rumors appear because of fear, others - from hopes and faith, third ones - because of simple scandal.

How can rumors be useful? The point is that rumors can hardly appear from nothing. Not talking about malicious or just rumors "to scam", then rumor - is a spontaneous investors' brood. Investor is scared, he's afraid that this program will disappear soon.

He is inclined to hear it will disappear. He listens attentively to frivolousness and can hear nothing, and then suddenly he hears that on some forum some (!) customer mentioned something remotely (!) reminding the topic about his program.

Tense investor's ear immediately transforms this information to the one he needs and... spreads it to all, willing to know it. Have you ever lain at night in a dark room, being alone in a big house? Have you ever listened to whether there's someone going on your roof?

Any rustle on the kitchen was certainly a stamp of an elephant for you. What can we talk about, when all our attention is concentrated on MONEY? MONEY - this is the concentration of people's cupidity, greed and bean counter.

But even taking all that into account we can hear a distant hint at the collapse, when it's not even begun to show. Do you know why? Because there are perfect words of wise people "if cloth is thin, it may be torn", person sees where it's seen and person feels where it's thin - as the result he starts to panic.

And hence, if you can hear at the right time where is the rumor from, what can it say, you can use it effectively. As soon as the problems with SYNCInvest and Prime Fund started, when Oneinvestment site went offline for the first time, there appeared rumors online, later on they transformed into the information about mysterious link between these resources.

And it was long before the collapse. If you could hear these signals, you could have saved the funds! And now, just for a second, think otherwise about these rumors. Was it the mass funds' withdrawal from Prime Fund that became a destructive force that led to the following: on the fifth day of the crisis NOBODY could take a single penny from the system?

It's also important to mention about commercial rumors. Dear readers, these rumors should be put to a separate category. They must be filtered out thoroughly and in case of finding some hostile mood - they must be taken away. Even scandal can often become a commercial measure, and then it's called "black PR", cause it's aimed first of all at doing harm to the opponent on the market.

Rumors by themselves are not always harmless. The point is that rumors as a matter of fact are words a person wants to know. From the psychology science you can learn that person will not simply notice the information, he is interested in, so, he will pay no heed to the rumors as well, and if he hears them, so it is of a great interest to him, it means that info will be perceived! What does a good marketer need? Of course! It's a probing!

We all want to earn with HYIP. We are told: there are rumors that it's possible to earn with this program... can we forget the name of such a program? Hardly... rumors always influence as if being something confiding.

We don't want to lose money in this program and we are told: you can lose money in this program. Of course we will immediately add it to our armory. That is the human substance! You just can't imagine how much popular this service among PR specialists.

It's important to have skills to listen to rumors and skills to cut short them. If you are not deliberate to use this information, you shouldn't widespread it, without knowing its ultimate meaning and goal. Rumor - is a missile, launched absolutely accurately, having different effect.

Rumor man-generated can fade as fast as it broke out, rumor generated with evil emotions will hardly live as well, but if rumor is generated by the specialist, who calculates the impact technology, effect and consequences, the specialist, "delivering" rumor to the sphere needed can altogether expect "the big bang" or collapse or take-off.

And one should look where it has been originated, cause listening to rumors you will be in the know, who lost and where, where you can lose now, and where you can win, who wants to "kill" somebody. What programs are friends, and what are enemies. And the main thing: where the truth it, and where there is no... To do that you just need to LISTEN a little bit.

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