Destructive Hazard

Updated: 02/18/2006 03:05
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Hazard is a complicated notion which I'd define as "sharp desire to try the fortune, play with the fate". Venture some person may bet just for betting, to feel the feelings of hazard - when value is placed on the bet to be destined by chance or fortune..

The notions of hazard and casino cannot be separated, as well as the notions of hazard and the game. Gambling is the same game like any other, and it means that hazard exists in HYIP. And hazard is known to be dangerous and destructive, but to what extent and in what display will be defined in this article.

On one hand, hazard is a moving force for involving into this sphere. On the other hand, hazard is the force that leads many investors to losses, just because it's unreasonable. Unreasonable hazard is similar to unreasonable risk, and it brings much to those investors that cannot master their desires. In real life, for instance, in casino, all is decided in minutes, while in HYIP one may waste everything within the day, or two, or three.

Creating deposit in the program, everyone is hoping for the profit. But if this is impossible, all these people try to get back wasted money and often do it by all means possible. Here the negative site of the notion reveals, because in the moment when investors lose control over the situation and is captured by the desire to "play with fortune", he appears to be not protected against chance that, as a rule… leads to catastrophe.

Have you ever been in such annoying situation, when the program you've just invested in, leaves off as it should be? i.e. it happens unexpectedly, as if it didn't take any money from you? I'm sure you've been. This situation is familiar for al investors that invest in HYIP. And, against, one's will it turns out that the person has a sharp desire to recoup. Now and here. This moment.

This isn't right. :) Surely, you might have come to HYIP just to thrill. Then you may probably invest all your money in one single program, as soon as you lose a definite sum in other program. But if you really want to deal with this business, rather then waste your money, you need to think over the detailed consideration of this issue. The main thing is to watch yourself and your actions.

Are your hands cool?
Is your head cool?
Can you quietly leave computer at any moment?

I don't know how traders fight with hazard, but this sin is probably more destructive. While I'm writing these words, I see the image of a trader who is afraid of closing the position, watching the diagram of decrease and watching how it's coming to the end…

Our condition is not so dramatic, however, these occasions are not rare. So if you cought yourself on hazard. Never invest. Just open again your file with your strategy described and see if your next deposit is the next step on the way you've worked out. If not, you're burning with hazard.

Of course, most often investors fall in the condition of hazard when they have already received some profit, and now they play with their outcome. It seems to them that they don't lose anything, and if they received 200% of profit, they cannot wait until they recoup after some losses. Now they may waste everything.

It's necessary to be able to stop, and look around. If you received a payout of 200%, you need to stop and relax. You need to say yourself: this was a good day today and then go and have some rest, rather than sit by the monitor with the tongue out and say again and again: what if I'm lucky and I get 400%?

If you get these 400%, you'll desire more, because the process of getting the money, spending it, playing with the fortune is more important for you than the money itself. You are interested in alternative – will you be lucky or not. And the bigger is the sum betted, the more you want to bet. The more you lose, the more you bet to recoup.

Many people are caught on it, and be sure you don't know how it is coming to you. But now you know. And now while making your next deposit, if you are not to entertain wih investing the money, think over. I believe in you. ;) No hazard, as far as the investments are concerned. Be brave and sober, and don't lose your head!

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