Dangers from Online Moneymaking Forums

Updated: 06/07/2006 13:13
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The whole history of forum development has been to some extent associated with a commercial success of this or that activity. It has been established on the popularity of discussions of various topics that couldn't have been discussed in other way. This is TalkGold appeared, and it appeared as a forum where everybody could accuse the program of all possible sins and be sure that other investors will see it, whichever severe it may be..

And this was just the beginning. Today the development of forums reached the level when their place in investors' life, their sense are so different from original, that new problems and difficulties appeared, and we can't but mention these problems

The top place in this list is occupied, of course, with advertising. Up to definite period of time advertising has been an essential part of forums. Everything in this sphere revolves around money, so advertising is usual for it. But too much advertising is worse. And overwhelming advertising is bad.

Besides, it becomes bothering and dangerous – it is more difficult to see what site purchases advertising and as the result, we may see the site showing a banner of the program which is discussed as scam within a week on the same forum.

But there is one important issue we want to point out for you to draw your attention to it. We mean the industry of paid posters. i.e. people specialized in posting messages on forums, in programs' sections. We have delivered a small investigation and it appeared that there is a group of investors (or, rather market participants) who are busy with posting the messages for the programs.

Of course, saying they are good programs and paying programs. This service costs something about $80 a week, and it guarantees that program' topic occupies the top place in the list. We won't go deeper in details in this article, we will tell about it later, but we want to note that it looks like forums administration are also involved in this activity.

What's than? It turns out that often we may see the topics where programs that have been appeared recently have much more posts compared to those that have been functioning reliably and honestly for a few months in the market.

If recently this could have been regarded as a sign of attention from investors' side, then now it doesn't mean anything. Forums devaluate their major (and probably single) advantage. They cannot be so popular and valuable as before, once there is a heap of worthless posts in each topic.

Do you know what is the most offensive thing in this stuff? The assumption that forums are also involved into it. It won't cost much to them to start publishing messages under their names in programs' topics. Then they may offer the same option to programs. Forum promotion is very effective, why not make business on it?

It is possible to create a few active robots to publish messages like 'paying', 'paying well', 'paying not bad' automatically every 24 hours, thus elevating the topic? Maybe you noticed, that on the days when the program is not working, there are posts on the forum saying a fat and smooth autosurfing today, thanks – but this is LIE. The site of the program DOESN'T RUN… what may be the reason. It looks silly. But why INVESTORS disregard and neglect it? It is awful, unworthy and DISHONESTLY.

Moreover, it looks like this practice may exist openly and nobody will be against. But why forums exist?

Another trouble is private messages. It turns out that investors are not protected form sending such spam, because internal mail is public, and everyone may send a letter. Of course, there are means to fight such spam as well, but they are not really effective. Most often forum audience receives requests of lending money.

And again, forum administration has the same advantage here. It wouldn't cost anything to forum administration to send such a message. But it is not just unpleasant to remove letters, it is also a violation of someone's rights.

Of course, advertising is a moving force of progress we may accept it and be tolerant. But it is not necessary that advertising is so overwhelming. It is not necessary that it is so bothering. It is not necessary to press users and turn their life into constant deleting or adding the letters.

In any case, the last word belongs to investor. He is the very person to choose, and once he decides that he is not interested in forum with overwhelming amount of advertising, he may choose, I suppose. And if the idea is popular, he may approve his choice with the birth of a new forum star, which will open a new page in development of this communication tool.

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