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Updated: 01/21/2014 20:36
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comocredit review
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Today i would like to offer the professional review of ComoCredit, rather interesting investment hyip project, with good design and unique approach towards running a HYIP. At the same time the project is offering decent profitability, which lets us assume omoCredit claims to become a longterm HYIP, and possibly a favourite of the year 2014. Let's look into the details and watch for the project grow and develop.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

The first thing that attracts attention is the main page, which basically consists of two platforms: 'investment platform' and loan platform. While loan platform is free to access for anyone, we'll talk about it later, the investment platform is only available for registered members. Apart from these two block there's nothing else to talk about from the point of view of the content on the main page.

The design still looks attractive enough and seems to be not a template one. So if you are a member, you can access the investment platform, where all information required is open for free, including the calculator, to calculate your profit, and video presentation of the project. The Top of the page has no links to all the pages, just the most important ones. If you need to see the rest, they are all available at the bottom of the page. So, taking into account the design, which is nicely done, i should mention, the project and the website is easy to use and navigate, when logged in.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

The investment platform, as i have already mentioned offers decent interest rate to the members. Investment may start with $10 and the maximum is $50000. The investment terms are different: from 30 to 180 days. Good point about the terms is that you are free to invest minimum $10 to any investment plan offered. The principal is returned at the end of the every investment plan. So the investment plans are:

1.4% daily within 30 calendar days
1.5% daily within 45 calendar days
1.6% daily within 60 calendar days
1.7% daily within 90 calendar days
2.0% daily within 180 calendar days

The principal investment can be returned at any time. In that case the penalty fee of 10%-30% is taken in that case. All investment plans allow the reinvestment option, although it is not recommended for all the plans. The plans with duration of 30 or 45 days are most optimal for making reinvestment. The referral bonus also varies from 5% to 8%.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

The deposits and withdrawals to (from) ComoCredit are completed via two payment processors: Perfect Money and EgoPay. Hopefully the admin will add more payment methods in the near future. As for withdrawals they are processed instantly, which is a preference for the majority of investors.

4. Legend & Content!

Just as i said before there is not much of content on the main page. There are two platforms: "investment platform" and "loan platform". Speaking about "loan platform", that is actually a legend of the project. The program claims to be open for giving loans for short term, and thanks to that it actually makes profit. The legend seems to be unique, i personally have never met any HYIP offering loans or even claiming to offer loans. ComoCredithas already registered company in the UK. Basically now it means nothing extraordinary, apart from the fact the admin of the program has invested more money to the development and promotion of the program.

5. Customer Care and Support!

There are no direct links to the support form of the project. So, basically all questions can be asked directly via e-mail. The lack of direct contact options is fully compensated with the program presence in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. The buttons to follow the project are given on the main page of every platform. offered for cooperation.

6. Technical Aspect!

ComoCredit is hosted on dedicated server with CloudFlare DDoS protection. The SSL Certificate for is signed by GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - G2 wich is signed by GlobalSign Root CA . The SSL Certificate will expire on Tuesday 5 June 2018 this means it is still valid for 1595 days. The HYIP script used by ComoCredit is unique. The domain is valid till Nov 03 2016.

7. Special Features!

The most special feature ComoCredit offers to its members is the entire idea about running a HYIP. First of all, the unique legend saying about giving short-term loans to enable profit from running the investment platform can be considered as a special feature itself. Apart from that ability to access the investment platform only for registered members is also interesting and speaks more for the professional approach of the project developers. AS for registration itself, his process is also interesting and worth attention. Apart from the traditional registration, it is possible to open account in ComoCredit via active accounts in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. This is the first time i ever come across this option with HYIP programs.

8. Conclusion!

To my mind ComoCredit is potentially a longterm HYIP, thanks to the idea, which stands behind the project. It can become interesting for investors and hence increase the membership of the project greatly. 180 days, which is the maximum term of one of the investment programs offered by ComoCredit is a long road to run, still there are chances this project will manage to stay that long, especially taking into account the new investment season has just started.

Apart from the last investment plan all others are rather safe for making deposits, still everything will surely depend on the admin, particularly on how good he is and what advertising strategy will be chosen for promoting ComoCredit. The general impression about the project is positive, still one should always remember, no matter what legend is, it is still nothing but a HYIP, which can be closed one day, which is why you should always consider depositing less than you can afford yourself to lose.

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