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Updated: 01/23/2005 16:26
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Communicating a lot with our subscribers, admins of the programs and other participants of HYIP market, we came to a conclusion that there are a number of evident types of investors. Each of them has its own features, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. We decided to mark them out with an irony and jest, having many a true word it. You don`t need to be a psychologist to notice these types. The human peculiarities, existing in real life, are carried to a real life. You will decide...

The first stage of "investor" development. It is born in a person, having (or suddenly losing) money and a thought that it can be used. When there is an idea in Your head that money should work - so there is an "investor spirit" in You, however, till You don't let to deceive You on HYIP market, You are nobody on the investment arena. :) That's why the beginners - are those, who have already "fallen into a trap" at least once.

You can't say that beginners are silly investors. It's not true. They are just inexperienced. Their idea of HYIP is too generous to earn on them. To be exact, somebody earns on them (i.e. young investors)! Though, not the "beginners" themselves. They are very easy to recognize. Any deposit they make proves to be "accidentally" stolen and frequent losses don't teach anything. Lot's of "beginners" quickly turn into "advanced" investors, cause a person tends towards learning. Though, sometimes the lethal outcome is possible in the fate of "investor's spirit" - beginner abandons the arena, leaves the money and continues to work honestly, without any hopes on fast enrichment.

Some "beginners", unfortunately, can't turn into "advanced" investors, constantly falling for the bait. These kind of investors are always cheated, no matter how they try, but hoping for the best. If a "gambler" knows that's he is cheated, the "beginner" thinks differently. Besides it's important to mark out a very widespread subspecies of "beginners". These are - the "lazy-bones". Lazy-bones practically always remain the "beginners", just because they don't want to study the market. Luckily for them, there are few of this type. But, sometimes happen. Having been cheated several times, they still deposit small amounts to any program, most profitable (according to the terms on any third rate monitoring site, not updated since Internet appeared), and… they get nothing. Worst of all, they feel upset about it.

Experienced with fraudsters, though clever "beginner" becomes an "advanced" investor. Very often it's necessary to be cheated more than once to increase the status, but the result is the same almost all the time: a person starts to listen to other opinions, to watch the market, to ask an "expert" advice, to read literature, www.hyipnews.com. If he is bored to death with a hard investor's life, he will become an "expert". "Advanced" investors gather and filter the information thoroughly and are of a less interest for fraudsters. However, it is characteristic for them to advert to others' experience, as well as to the resources, mentioned earlier. :)

Arrogance, vast knowledge, www.hyipnews.com added to the bookmarks (or even the authorship) and lots of forum messages - is just a part of features, distinguishing an "expert". Expert has the most valuable thing - experience. He can define the fraudsters by eye, think over complex, multipath financing and deposit large amounts easily enough. "Experts" do love to dwell on forums, to give pieces of advice and show off their intelligence. HYIP - is an extra income tool, not just empty hopes for this kind of investors.

A distinctive subspecies of "experts" - the "strategists". They are able not only to pinpoint the reliability of a program, whether it's worth investing or not, at leisure they are also engaged in working out different strategies that, in principle, should lead to success. Most often it happens like that. The transition state from "expert" to "strategist", namely, mainly characterizes this kind of investors. It's not an "advanced" investor, gathering information thoroughly, analyzing it and just knowing a lot, this investor has the source of strategic thinking, knowing much of the HYIP "jungle" and orientating oneself perfectly well.

It can't be called as a stage of investors' development. this type can't be called in a different way, anybody coming across this type of investment thinking call it like that, no other variants are possible - "gambler". The most distinctive feature - attitude towards HYIP. Gambler doesn't care of his money, the one he uses for HYIP - is pocket money, he decided to risk of, lust like in casino. HYIP for him - is a field for playing intellectual golf. Per se, there is almost no blind luck in HYIP, but, without paying attention to analyses, statistics and advices of experienced participants, "gambler" meaningly makes it blind. In such a way blind luck accompanies "gambler" around HYIP, taking round the forums, sites and hard analyses. It often happens that "gamblers" win. But win is the same as in casino.

Worst of all is the types combining…if You feel that long for staking lots of money on a program with unreal percents for a short term, with the site, of a purely test design, with a couple of pictures, scanned from a magazine, but with all this going on You developed a genius strategy for a couple of years and You have been beaten and beat Yourself - be afraid of Yourself! Leave this bad job and start working honestly. This work won't bring You no joy, no winning. Anyway… very-very-very seldom. :)

In many respects, the type of investors, You belong to, decides, what You should expect. Unfortunately, it's very hard to become "expert" right away. Though, it's possible. It's enough to work hard and first of all - to gather and analyze information. If something is wrong, consult us, we'll try to help You to become "expert". :)

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