Online Casino: is there ANY Chance to Win?

Updated: 01/24/2007 20:42
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Earning money is difficult. Earning large money is more difficult. Moreover there is no guarantee that these transactions will be paid sometimes. Therefore the only hope for many people is gain in the card game, in the lottery, the competition, the casino. And no reasonable calculations like the chance to win into the lottery is one of million, the chance to achieve success in the professional activity is 50 to 50 do not work in this case.

Why? Because the messages about the gigantic successes appear at least once per month. Therefore the thought “What if this time…!" that flares up in the head in millions of players guarantees the sure activity of all enterprises making business on the human passions.

I will immediately dot my "i's" and cross my "t's". Yes, it is possible to win in the online casino but it is not possible to make this constantly, in other words people cannot earn in the online casino, because the one-time gain cannot be considered as earnings.

Besides, there is another harsh truth. The probability theory and chance numbers are impossible there. The online casino is a strict program which is written for only one purpose to enrich its owner. And that's all. A maximum of what you can count is 30-40% of the investment gain. Unfortunately, many players do not stop on this and continue the game, and lose a total bank consequently.

“Casino is passion!” you say. However, the casino is enormous patience, sober mind and cold calculation. Are you ready to spend “unforgettable 2 hours” expecting a series of 6 red numbers by contract in the roulette? I would answer not because any person is emotional and after losing some part of the bank they are ready to play till final victory in the hope of win back. As a result, you lose deposit, and on the following morning you go again there with hope that you will win back today. You will lose even more today than yesterday with your new strategies…

Why? The answer is very simple. The casino exists due to your money and it will do utmost to keep the invested money on its account forever. Easy money is always attractive. But this is a dangerous quagmire. And an additional important observation is if today you won your unhappy $10 from the deposit of $100 the casino will win back by the next “finder of easy money” who will pay his money in a double size within one hour.

Probably, many of you obtain the spam with the surprising unique proposal to purchase the roulette packet, which allows you to beat any online casino totally, very often. Do not believe. I also fell for the bait once. All you find in this “wonderful” packet is the description of Martingale's strategy which consists in doubling of the staking sum by staking on the equal chances (black and red, odd and even, or more and less).

In this unique packet it is described that according to the theory of probability, the falling of more than 5 red numbers by contract in the roulette is practically impossible. Furthermore, it is enough to twist the roulette idle having waited such combination and stake on the black then. But if the red falls out again you return your loss and obtain even profit when you redouble your stake.

Of course, this is a simple and beautiful strategy. But it works only in the theory and your dreams. In particular, the series of the red 14-20th by contract fall out for you. And the red numbers fall out till your money, which you stake on the black always doubling stakes, comes to the end. You redouble stakes but the roulette falls out the red colour again and again. Undoubtedly, its obstinacy is limitless.

Another interesting statement is that many casinos such as the Gold Fish and the Chance forbid to make free running of the roulette or have very small difference of the minimal and highest stake on the play table without making possible thus for you to redouble stakes much time.

Do we have any chance? So do we have a chance to win a victory over this greedy to the money program named online casino? There is no single-valued answer to this question. Someone tells that he makes money finding honest casino and getting $10-60 in one day using only the simplest martingale. Others are mad with rage losing their last penny in search of truth.

But nevertheless there are some pieces of advice. First, do not attempt to win more than 10-15% of the deposit. The risk grows after this strongly. Second, the minimal deposit that must be made in the casino to win something is $30-40 as a minimum. Basic three games which are worthwhile to play are the roulette, the black jack and the video poker.

During the roulette game it is advisable to stake on dozen because the chance to win with them is much higher. Never misuse the martingale, combine better several strategies. It is possible not to redouble stakes by the loss but add etc. It is also better to stake on zero because this frequently saves from the complete loss.

At the worst you can dress up as a new player (of course if you could pass all security systems of the casino by IP, WMID, the certificate, cookies, temporary files, the system parameters etc. There are no fools there). Do not believe that the novices are lucky. Who knows how to achieve his object is lucky.

Good luck and much patience! And let the fortune address the needs of you!

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