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Updated: 02/10/2015 15:23
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The HYIP Informational Survey #380 is now published at HYIPNews. We are observing some stable performance of HYIPs in the TOP Choice section. As for the list of new programs, today the readers may observe only one premium listed HYIP, which is offering long-term income opportunity to the customers. The current list of problem HYIPs is very small, as well as the list of Closed HYIPs, which only counts two programs.

As for Events section, there are updates from a number of HYIPs online. The Emoney section offers news about the working schedule of SolidTrustPay on the Presidents Day and the overview of the Bitcoin prices during the previous week.

More information about the development of the HYIP industry can be accessed in the HYIP Informational Survey #80 below:

Top Choice HYIPsLet's see if there are any changes in the Top Choice section today in the HYIP Informational Survey #380.

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Albion Union Listed: 455 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. 3-Business Listed: 369 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
3. Ogden Organization Listed: 315 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
4. C-7 Listed: 368 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
5. Poker Automatics Listed: 173 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
6. BITC1 Listed: 73 days Profit: 2.4-2.7% daily for 15-55 days 250-600% after 30-60 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

7. Blue Sky Asset Listed: 237 days Profit: up to 15% daily! Term: up to 365 calendar days!
8. ACN Futures Listed: 101 days Profit: 2.2-2.7% daily up to 460% after 5 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!
9. LexiFund Listed: 56 days Profit: 3-5% daily! Term: for lifetime!
10. Crypto Strategy Listed: 113 days Profit: 3-4% daily up to 1000% after 75 days! Term: up to 90 calendar days!

As we can see no new programs have appeared in the Top Choice section. The only difference is loss of positions by Crypto Strategy, which moved from the eighth place to the tenth, while ACN Futures and LexiFund have moved one position each accordingly, compared to the last Friday. Sticky listing is absent today, for no programs have been added there lately.

HYIPs OpeningsThe Openings section, which looks so small today, is given at your attention below.

Power Profit 3-8% daily lifetime, principal back after 5-30 days!

1daydoubler Bitcloudacademy Dailyadsincome Deepyu Floaty-income Internalfund Moneytons Sevenbankers Solidassets Spacelabinv Vtcinvest

So, this Tuesday the list of new programs is very short. One HYIP added to HYIPNews, Power Profit, offering long-term investment opportunity and paying 3-8% daily lifetime. More programs, which have been launched during the weekend are given in a very short list above.

HYIP ProblemsAmong three HYIPs, which were included in the list of Problem HYIPs, two have moved to the Closures list, which means they are closed permanently. Aurum-Empire has on the contrary managed to recover and gain its Paying status back. The latest list of Problem HYIPs is a bit longer and includes six HYIPs, including Nano Industry Investments, which seems to go down for good.

The Closures section is on the contrary, record short today. It only includes two HYIPs, which used to be listed at HYIPNews: LiReSo and TIS Income. The reason for that is possibly the recent scam wave of programs, which is naturally followed with some stagnation and slowdown in the industry. Not much is happening, both good and bad things.

Nano Industry Investments - not paying
Majestic Swan - not paying
eCorp Inv- not paying
Welton Capitals - not paying
Eurostar Bank - not paying
HOBOFx Limited - not paying
Public Investing - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

LiReSo (16 days), TIS Income (48 days).

HYIP Events3-Business HYIP listed since its launch on HYIPNews is one year old! Congratulations. The admin has reported several important results achieved by the project since its launch. First of all, the membership, which now counts more than 80K open accounts. As for the money earned and paid this amount grows exponentially.

The company is registered in GB and the admin claims to obey the laws of the country strictly. The spheres, 2-Business is involved in are as follows: investing to both energy and resources into higher-yielding areas with the purpose to earn more money to ensure all payouts to the active members.

The plans for the future are clear and big. The affiliate program is to be developed according to which one will have a chance to earn instant 10% to 50% deposit cashback in any Premium or After plan. According to the terms of the second bonus program, there is a chance to earn up to $50 for posting a video and your referral link on the official site of the program.

The changes announced earlier at BTPerfex are now integrated. The new design has been implemented and the new investment plans have been added. The new plans are united into the Unlimited Earner group. According to the terms of new plans the members can choose the date to end the plan. As for the interest rates for the new plans, they are also higher and vary depending on the amount invested from 3% to 6% per day. The principal withdrawal is possible whenever starting from the 11th day of the program run with the 10% commission taken for premature principal withdrawal.

Along with the new plans and new web design, the regional representative program has been launched at BTPerfex. The regional representatives may apply by sending the info required (YOUR NAME: COUNTRY: SKYPE ID: PHONE (IF ANY): EMAIL : SUPPORTED LANGUAGE: WEBSITE (IF ANY) to the support of the project. Once the position is taken you get higher referral bonus and your contact information is place on the Representatives page on the BTPerfex website.

CoinAssets has reminded about EgoPay exchange procedure saying the service may be closed sooner or later without any prior notification. So far the exchange is working and anyone interested is welcome to make the order for an exchange. The withdrawal requests are processed manually within 48 hours. The following notification has been delivered in the newsletter from CoinAssets as well.

The downtime has been observed at the website of Nuclear Fund HYIP. As the admin says, due to the troubles with the hosting provider, the website was offline for more than 16 hours on February 8. Currently it is up, however, obviously there is a need to have some alternative informational source to ensure constant contact and communication between the members and the support of the project. With those purpose the initiative to create the official Facebook page of Nuclear Fund has been registered.

The website of Bond Dot HYIP has been suffering massive DDoS attack on February 7. As the result of illegal activity the website was hard to access. The technical team was able to mitigate the attack in a fast way and resume access of real visitors to the website. The team apologizes for inconveniences and thanks for support and understanding.

The admin of LexiFund HYIP has reported about the end of "Bonus for Selfie" promo, which ends on February 12, and lots of positive feedback about this promo. Apart from that the admin has reported some important milestones achieved since the launch of the project: $739 000 Total Deposits; $206 000 Total Withdrawals; 68 Paying Days; 4135 Registered Users.

The unscheduled maintenance of the server led to the downtime of another HYIP Altex Strategy. As the result for some hours with no prior notification, the website went offline. The decision to move to another server was taken and now the HYIP is in the process of moving to alternative hosting service.

The 100 days online anniversary is celebrated at ACN Futures. Here are some webstats within the lifetime of the HYIP: 11500 customers deposited to the project for the total amount of more than $10,250,000.00, $9,216,000.00of this amount has been withdrawn. The team is sure, there a long road to run for this HYIP. Currently it takes high positions ion HYIP listing. It is a part of the Top Choice section, which is a good result for sure.

EmoneyPlease be advised that SolidTrust Pay's office will be closed on Monday, February 16th for Family/Heritage Day (Canada) and President's Day (US). As this is also a bank holiday, members are reminded to add extra processing time for deposits, withdrawals, and e-currency exchanges. More information can be read on the http://solidtrustnews.com/2015/02/06/bank-holiday-monday-february-16th.

Joon Ian Wong, the author of CoinDesk news board has published another weekly Bitcoin market overview on the CoinDesk website. The bitcoin price stayed relatively flat over the last week, trading around the $225 mark. The digital currency opened on 2nd February at $226.40 and closed seven days later at $222.87, showing a loss of 1.56% over the period, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index.

Price movement appeared to be muted in the absence of major announcements or events. The first days of the week showed the most action. On 2nd February, the price climbed $16 to hit a high of $242. This was followed by the week's biggest intra-day swing the following day, when the price plunged $22 from a high of $246.19. The day ended with bitcoin trading at $226.96. More details can be found following the link to CoinDesk above or on HYIPNews News line.

HYIP QuotesThe list of TOP 5 most quoted HYIPs listed at HYIPNews is given. See more information below:

BITC1. Still taking the first place thanks to the great growth of the quotation index lately. After the decline, when the index fell down to 270 points, the rising trend started and within just two days from February 2 to February 4 the quotation index increased to 328 points. After that things got more or less stable and by Friday, February 6, the quotation index still makes 328 points.

Poker Automatics. The HYIP is again noted for its stable performance and absence of serious rises or declines of the quotation index. From February 2 to February 6 there were slight fluctuations, however ultimately the index returned to the point of 264 points. For sure, this performance is the most stable among all five programs listed in the Hyip Quotes section.

Bond Dot. The HYIP managed to go one more position higher. After the decline, which was observed on Monday, February 2, the index trend changed. By Thursday it increased to 248 points and on Friday remained stable.

Ogden Organization. This HYIP lost one position in the Hyip Quotes section and now takes the fourth place. First within two days the quotation index was growing from 240 to 247 points and then on Tuesday, February 3, the trend changed and the index fell down to 223 points. Even though the following day it managed to go up a bit to 232 points that rise was not enough to remain on the third place.

Crypto Strategy. The program is now for the first time in the Hyip Quotes section thanks to the rise of the index on Tuesday and Wednesday up to 172 and 224 points accordingly. After the index reached its maximum the upward movement stopped and things became stable. By Friday, February 6 the quotation index is still 224 points.

Here we go with the TOP 5 of the most quoted HYIPs listed at HYIPNews. The first two positions remain stable. BITC1 is rising and Poker Automatics is showing the most stable performance among all five programs included. Bond Dot, thanks to the rising trend observed managed to overcome Ogden Organization, which lost a number of points during the decline. Those two HYIPs take the third and the fourth places accordingly. The new comer of the Hyip Quotes section is Crypto Strategy, which managed to go up to the fifth palce thanks to the 50 points growth during the previous week.

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