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Updated: 09/07/2016 18:09
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Take your time to read the professional HYIP review of Crypto Has Mining by, written by Joe Wong learn about the main aspects of the project
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Read the professional review of Crypto Hash Mining to learn the mainaspects and features of the hyip with the special attention paid to the technical aspect of the website, the content and customer care peculiarities.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

We got a very positive impression of the hyip newly added to HyipNews lately. Crypto Hash Mining has been designed as a nice looking template with not much of information within. All important information is stored on the main page, which is nice and easy for the customers. On the top of the main page there's a header with the buttons to register and login along with the links to the main sections of the website. Lower there goes a logo with main quotes, which characterize the peculiarities of the hyip and "Join" button as well.

Four main points on why investors should make deposit to Crypto Hash Mining are given below right above the short description of company profile and a short video telling about the advantages of crypto mining. At the bottom of the page one may find links and overview to the four investment plans available at Crypto Hash Mining, the presentation of the affiliate program and stats section, showing information on current number of members, deposit amount, withdrawal amount etc. At the very bottom there are logos of the payments systems accepted. The website is loading fast with no flash elements within; the colors are nice and the plans are clear at first sight.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Crypto Hash Mining offers three investment plans available for funds depositing. MegaHash Plan - 120 daily cashout, Minimum - $1.00 , Maximum - $100, daily revenue is 1.5%, GigaHash Plan - 60 daily cashout, Minimum - $101 , Maximum - $1000, daily revenue is 2% and TeraHash Plan - 30 daily cashout, Minimum - $1001 , Maximum - $100000, daily revenue is 4%. Taking a look at the profit and the length of the investment period it is getting clear all programs finally pay out 20% of the net profit. Depending on the profit the investment is paid off after 100, 50 and 25 days respectively. As for the affiliate program, the program is offering three levels of the affiliate bonus. For the deposit made by 1st level downlines partner gets 5% of the amount deposited, for the deposit of the 2nd level downline - 2% bonus is awarded and 1% is paid for 3rd level downlines.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Traditionally funds deposit is only possible after logging to the member area of the website. Login is typical for hyip websites as well as the registration process, with the minimum information required. One should only indicate your name, last name, username, e-mail and choose the password for the account, then indicate the numbers of e-currency accounts, whether it's Perfect Money or Bitcoin address or both (speaking of Payza, the latest newsletter says all business documentation for the account verification have been sent already, the entire process should not take longer then 14 days from now. Assuming Payza will be available later on).

After registering one should click for confirmation link in the inbox and that's it - registration is complete. Login is simple as well. Once logged in, funds deposit is simple. One should choose the plan, the amount within the limits declared for every investment plan taken, choose thee payment system to complete the payment with and proceed with the actual transaction. Profit withdrawal is completed on a daily basis and paid instantly.

4. Legend and Content!

The owners of the website seemed not to take much care of the legend or the content. The only information about the company and its activity can be found in the 'About Us' section, where one may see it's a legit company registered in United Kingdom, the certificate of incorporation can be seen below.
See the registration certificate of Crypto Cash Mining
The staff, according to the website, consists of professional investors specialized in cryptocurrency mining and trading. As for the cryptomining activity, the site says the following: "...the mining, ups and downs on a daily basis allow us to execute dozens of trades per day on multiple exchanges to generate profit for you our client and our company..." Not much of explanation, indeed.

As for other information, even the FAQ section is record short. There are only three questions answered there:

- What is Crypto Hash Mining ?
- How works mining Bitcoin?
- How long I will wait for my investment get back ?

This is unacceptable i would rather say. Investors, especially potential ones would definitely prefer more info on what the performance is, how to make deposits, how the withdrawals are processed etc. I would recommend the owners of Crypto Hash Mining to expand this section and make it more informative.

The stats section, link to which is located at the header of the site is still under construction and will be available soon. There is no information on what stats exactly will be shown there.

5. Customer Care and Support!

There is not much to report in terms of the project's support. Since the very start till recently there was actually only one way to contact the support: by sending the message using the contact form. No Live Chat available either, though the admin claims it should be available this week. Recently the Facebook group of Crypto Hash Mining was introduced to contact the support and communicate with other investors and partners.

6. Technical Aspect!

The domain name expires on August 18, 2017. The admin and the site claims the project is fully protected from DDoS, however we couldn't find more information about the DDoS protection services provider. The website is hosted at Sparta Inc. AESO, the server with the IP is located in Canada. The domain registrar is WILD WEST DOMAINS, LLC. The website supports SSL protocol, provided by Comodo. The SSL type is EssentialSSL, with Extended Validation waiting for verification and hopefully available soon along with the Green Bar.

7. Conclusion!

Crypto Hash Mining is a simple, nice looking and attractive hyip website, the admin of which claims to be involved into cloud mining business, which is hard to believe though, especially taking a closer look at the cheap template, lack of content and activity description. No matter what the program, which will eventually turn into scam like all others can theoretically become a profitable source of money for the majority of its investors. The profits are decent, the terms are clear. The only things the website lacks are: lack of support options, more detailed FAQ page and more active performance with more than 17 monitors, more reviews published, more banners and social advertising online. As for the status of this hyip, you can always check it on the official Crypto Hash Mining HyipNews Card.

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