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Updated: 11/11/2014 14:33
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grandagrofinance review
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Today we are reviewing the project listed for nearly 100 days at HYIPNews, Grand Agro Finance. It is one of those projects, which hasn't spent much money on advertising on early stages. It has been popularized in a smooth way and now it is Sticky listed and a member of the Hyip Quotes section with one of the highest quotation index among all the programs listed at

1. Introduction, First Impression!

So what can we say about the project first time looking at the main page. The exterior is classically designed, and the functional part is traditional. There is no exclusive script or design, still the site is nice to look at with no extra heave features enabled. One can watch how the workers work hard on the field, which gets all back to old times and to childhood when everyone used to go to villages. At the same time the color background, the main picture and main blocks are in the same scheme.

The user interface design is dynamic, user-friendly, and highly detailed. Speaking about the homepage it is amazing. Simply hover the mouse over the image and people start to do something on the farm. The calculator button on the home page, hiding itself inside the bag, pops out whenever it's hovered. Once you click on it, it opens up in a new small window to let users calculate their ROIs from each investment plans. All those features let us assume, the approach towards designing the website has been rather serious after all.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Speaking about the investment plans, there are eight to choose from, which may seem a wide choice indeed. However after making thorough analysis, we can say every single taken investment plan has been wisely considered before being implemented. Of course, just like any other HYIP there are two basic groups of plans: those with decent and reasonable interest rates and income potential and those, where one will hardly earn any money, the plans, which are not recommended for investing. Let's try to analyse and describe the main positions about the investment plans offered by Grand Agro Finance.

All in all Grand Agro Finance offers typical paid-upon-expiry investment plans.
After 1 Day: $10-$100000 - 135% (principal included);
After 6 Days: $10-$100000 - 330% (principal included);
After 15 Days: $10-$100000 - 850% (principal included);
After 60 Days: $10-$100000 - 3500% (principal included).

As you can see all plans provide similar terms. The minimum to join is $10. The only thing, which differs is the duration of the investment plan and accordingly the potential income. Naturally, the wise solution here will be to choose the plan of 1-6 days duration. Rest are a little bit risky. There is also another group of plans, so called VIP, where the minimum to start is to high $500-$2000. Well, of course they offer higher profit, however the chances to get it back along with the principal are rather vague.

The affiliate program is one-level. Up to 8% commission to upline's account is paid for every client, who makes a deposit. The affiliate commission depends on the amount deposited by your downline: 1-500 (2%), 501-750 (4%), 751-1000 (6%), 1001-20000 (8%).

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

The process of making a deposit is rather simple. Entering the member area there is a section Make Deposit entering which one is able to proceed with choosing the investment plan one is interested in and complete the deposit, choosing one payment options accepted: Perfect Money, EGO Pay, Payeer and cryptocurrency Bitcoin (with real-time exchange rate). The choice of payment methods accepted is enough for the HYIP industry. The minimum deposit to Grand Agro Finance is $10, the maximum is accordingly $100000.

Speaking of the withdrawal option, as i said previously, the program offers the paid-upon-expiry investment plans only and hence the profit withdrawal along with the principal can only be withdrawn when the investment plan chosen when depositing funds expires. To make the withdrawal one should follow the link in the "Withdraw" navigation menu. Your request is processed by our operators, they do everything possible to reduce the waiting time of our investors. It usually takes from 1 to 15 hours. Maximum waiting time is 24 hours. Your request is processed by Grand Agro Finance, they do everything possible to reduce the waiting time of investors. It usually takes from 1 to 15 hours. Maximum waiting time is 24 hours.

4. Legend and Content!

The legend is simple about Grand Agro Finance. The name itself proves the main idea about the project. There is not much of the content. However simply visiting the main page and having a look at the image it's getting clear about the business, the company claims to be involved into.

As it's said in the About Us section the company working since 2005 on the financial market invests in the development of farm business. It is hard though to predict high revenues from investing to agricultural sphere. In that aspect the legend says due to constant increasing of the importance for development agricultural business, the sphere is getting ar more and more profitable.

Here is some short extract from the content given on the Grand Agro Finance website: "...By investing in the development of farm business, we have an income from cultivation, production and realization of various agricultural plants. Our experts choose manufacturing company in every manner and act as a surety for high profit. Our experts choose those companies, that proceeded on financial market for a long time ago, and sure-footed on financial stage. That's why it's safe to say that your investments will really work and bring a real profit to you..."

5. Customer Care and Support!

The customer support is open 24/7 for the members and potential customers of Grand Agro Finance. In case there's any question or assistance needed, one can check for the appropriate answer on the FAQ page. If the answer is not there submitting a ticket is the best thing here to find out the solution for the problem. The tickets are normally replied as soon as possible, not later than 24 hours after the question has been submitted. Apart from the ticket system, there is an option to contact one of the local representatives clicking the "Live Chat Online" icon on top of the page. There also one may find the phone number to reach and the link to the Grand Agro Finance page on Facebook. There on the Support page one may also find the address of the company, where Grand Agro Finance is registered: GRAND AGRO FINANCE SUITE B 27 HARLEY STREET LONDON W1G 9QR Company No. 05441252.

6. Technical Aspect!

The Grand Agro Finance HYIP uses typical software for the HYIP industry. Website is running on a licenced Goldcoders script. The SSL Certificate for is signed by PositiveSSL CA 2 wich is signed by PositiveSSL CA 2 which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root . The SSL Certificate will expire on Thursday 6 August 2015 this means it is still valid for 267 days. This SSL Certificate will not display a green address bar in the visitors browser, nor the identity of the website owner or the Certificate Authority. EV SSL Certificates have the highest level of trust and security. As for DDoS protection, the website is protected by Ddos-Guard. The domain is valid till May 2021.

7. Special Features!

As we mentioned earlier, the website is rather typical, however some interesting features have been added by the admin and technical department to make it more or less stand out from the mass. The first thing, which attracts attention is the Online Income Calculator, located on the main page in the bag on the picture of the farm. It is also available in the member area (Make Deposit -> Calculate Your Profit). In the member area there is also History page letting the members view the history of transactions both incoming and outgoing. Another feature is the Live Stats block located on the right column of every page of the website, telling the visitors nearly all needed information: the launch date, total members and deposits amount, the amount withdrawn, the number of visitors online etc.

8. Conclusion!

The admin of Grand Agro Finance has proved to be rather adequate and decent. The project was not popularized online since the very start in a very active way. At the very beginning, the admin took a decision not to get monitored on all hyip monitors possible. Just recently the massive adveritisng started and currently we can see the project is presented with the reviews on lots of hyip monitors and blogs. Currently nearly 80 hyip monitors list this HYIP.

Actually the strategy of smooth development made a success for the project. It has all chances to become one of the most popular HYIPs online. Taking into account all things mentioned above, and considering it is currently Sticky listed at HYIPNews and taking the second place in the HYIP Quotes section as one the most quoted HYIP listed, the project is definitely worth taking a look and being considered as the potential passive income alternative for the HYIP lovers.

The golden rule, though, remains the same: "No past performance can guarantee future results!" as well as the following: "Never spend more than you can afford to lose!". Invest wisely and stay tuned at! That is all with the review of popular HYIP, Grand Agro Finance.

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