HYIP Information Survey (May 609)

Updated: 05/21/2019 15:57
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the milestone Hyip Information Survey #609 observing the absence of Best Choice, some changes observed in the Top Performers section. Five newcomers are in the Openings section, the Problem section is not really numerous and only includes three hyips. The list of closed programs is more numerous and includes three hyips listed at HyipNews. Some latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section provides readers with the latest news from Bitfinex cryptocurrency update and the token-sale announcement. The Hyip Quotes presents the readers with some updates in the TOP 5 list, as the programs are showing more or less stable performance in TOP 5.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #609 published this Tuesday.

Exeons Listed: 196 days Profit: 102%! Term: within 24 hours!
All Hours Pay Listed: 138 days Profit: 1.1%-5.6% Hourly! Term: for 96-24 hours!
BitWealth Company Listed: 313 days Profit: up to 50% daily! Term: multiple terms available!
PayinHour Listed: 173 days Profit: 0.86-9.87%% hourly! Term: for 121-31 hours!
SuperCrypto Listed: 109 days Profit: 1.22-3.06% hourly for 120-60 hours 10-25% hourly for 24 hours 66% daily for 2 days 1200-6000% after 5-9 days
Finorion Listed: 33 days Profit: 40-350% After 1-6 days 550-1100% After 9-18 days 1500-2500% After 36-80 days!
Hour High Yield Listed: 53 days Profit: 0.89-1.1% hourly for 120 hours 3.3-5% hourly for 50 hours 13-24% hourly for 24 hours!
Alpha Intelect Listed: 22 days Profit: 2.5-4% daily!!
Successful Innovation Listed: 9 days Profit: 135-300% after 1-5 day 600-1200% after 10-20 days 2500-3000% after 40-60 days!
BtcFury Listed: 5 days Profit: 3.84% - 5.1% daily!

It's been more than two weeks since the last survey was published. Today we are sorry to say, two hyips, which used to be on top two weeks ago, got blacklisted: Unlimited Wealth and Oilinv. Cryptex Trade used to experience certain troubles as well, though now paying status of this hyip has been resumed, still the hyip is removed from Top Performers list. Three new programs replaced the missing ones in the Top Performers list: Alpha Intelect, Successful Innovation and Btc Fury.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Yesss. More than two weeks have passed since the last hyip information survey was published and this hyip opportunity is still on top of the Hyip Quotes section, showing stable performance with the quotation index at the level of 160 points and slight fluctuation observed as the quotation index has been falling maximum 6 points down and then back to the level of 160 points day to day.

DollarBill and Funds Broker. The quotation index of DollarBill raised on May 10 again 80 to 136 points. Since then until May 14 it's been more or less stable performance as the index wasn't changing much. Then on May 15 the quotation index moved down greatly to 76 points, however within next two days it moved up to 136 points again. As the result this hyip is still taking the second place in the Hyip Quotes section sharing it with Funds Broker. The last one, is back again sharing one of the most stable performances lately, as slight fluctuations have still been observed.

Hour High Yield. After reaching the mark of 138 points there have been lots of changes in the quotation index, which has been going up and down, reaching the bottom of 90 points on May 9. Since then the index trend changed as it was slight going up, reaching the maximum of 135 points on May 15. The following day though it moved down to 131 points, and then a little bit down again to 135 points, which means it's a well-deserved third place for the hyip.

PayinHour. Things were more or less stable during the first days of May for this hyip investment program. The quotation index reached 128 points on May 8 and then fell greatly to 56 points. The decline was short time and within next three days the quotation index recovered and stabilized at the mark of 119 points. Another decline was observed, though, on May 16 as the index recovered on May 17, remaining stable until May 20.

More than two weeks have passed and we are observing stable performance of the hyips in the Hyip Quotes Top 5. Yesss is still taking the first place, while DollarBill and Funds Broker are sharing the second place in the Hyip Information Survey today. Hour High Yield is close to the second place after reaching the maximum of 135 points, taking the third place. PayinHour moved one position up as the quotation index moved down and then up to 119 points, being stable enough at least by May 20.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately and listed at HyipNews.

Successful Innovation 135-300% after 1-5 day 600-1200% after 10-20 days 2500-3000% after 40-60 days!
Hours Inc 14-15% hourly for 8 hours 120-140% after 8 hours!
Safelycoins 1.21-1.25% hourly for 86 hours 2.6-4% hourly for 60 hours 8.2- 18% hourly for 24 hours!
BtcFury 3.84% - 5.1% daily!
Dorrix 2.1% - 2.5% daily for 35-30 days, 210%-500% after 30-45 days!

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Today we are glad to introduce five new programs at your attention. Successful Innovation is offering paid-upon-expiry investment plans, two programs, Hours Inc and Safelycoins offering hourly payouts. Two more hyips, recently added BtcFury, included in the Top Performers list, and Dorrix, added today is offering daily payouts. There is also a list of other programs, launched lately and links to them are available above.

HYIP Problems
We are sorry to say though three hyip investment programs, listed at HyipNews: Unlimited Wealth, listed for 49 days, which has been previously included in the Top Performers list, OilInv, listed for 62 days and Infinite-Wealth are now blacklisted and not recommended for investing. The Problems list today does not include many hyips, basically there are only three of them, including Signum Trade, assigned with the Awaiting status at HyipNews. The Closures list, apart from those, mentioned above includes a number of other hyips, which have been recently closed. See the details below.

ExProbit - not paying
UpBet - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

PiliCoins Ltd (41 days), Infinite-Wealth (50 days), Unlimited Wealth (49 days), Oilinv (62 days), HourGuarantee (468 days), DowOption Ltd (168 days), ElTrade Group (206 days), Acorn-Crypto Ltd (102 days), Liteminer (45 days), Delta Investing Funds (16 days), KeepOnHyip (5 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Please take your time to check up with the latest news from the hyips online. The administration of the Cryptouniverse project met the requests of its members as they put it on their official Instagram account. The project introduces new options for income and included another high-return package, the details of which you can see in your account if you are registered in the HYIP.

In the meantime, the Wssavior project adds new payment systems for the convenience and comfort of its investors. Relatively recently, this was the DashCoin cryptocurrency, which has already become large, the list is available for depositing/withdrawal systems, and in the near future we should wait for the new one - Perfect Money.

Statum Global is taking into account the wishes of its customers, allowing adding one more plan, offering 3.3% per day. As a matter of fact, the plan is not bad in terms of profitability, given the marketing of the project, so as an additional incentive for investment, it works. But the most important thing is that the project is developing and that is good.

El-Terro activated automatic withdrawal to make the process simple and more convenient to the customers. Now that the transaction amount exceeds the minimum limit for withdrawal, the payment is made automatically. Automatic withdrawal feature can be activated in your account, following the address:https://el-terro.com/personal/account

Transactions are formed when:
- accrual of interest on the deposit
- accrual of referral fees
- return of the deposit body

Brit-Local connected the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Now you can multiply the number of your Bitcoin in a short time. The Ethereum rate is fixed - 1ETH = $200. Ethereum is not converted into dollars. The minimum recharge amount for Ethereum is 0.1ETH. The minimum withdrawal amount for Ethereum is 0.05ETH.

Bizzilion informs all partners about the addition of Korean to the platform. Due to numerous requests from users of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea, the decision to further expand the language panel has been taken. This will allow even more of partners to work on the platform with maximum comfort. Switching to Korean is very simple: one should click on the language bar and then select the appropriate flag. This option is already available for use on the website.

Hooplex adds another representative, this time in Brazil. The project in this country was started by an active leader who reviewed the project in Portuguese especially for Brazil.

E-money News
Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of an IEO platform called Tokinex. The Bitfinex blog reports that information on the first IEO on the new platform will appear this Thursday, on May 23rd. The very same initial exchange offer will take place on June 13.

To participate in IEO on Tokinex, users of the exchange will have to undergo KYC identification using the Blockpass mobile app. After that, investors will be able to transfer funds from the exchange to the account for the purchase of new coins on the eve of the token-sale.

According to The Block, Bitfinex plans to hold approximately two IEOs per month. In the commentary on the publication's tweet, the representatives of the exchange specified that the new platform would not charge for listing.

Earlier, Bitfinex managed to attract $1 billion in private IEO. The LEO token started trading yesterday, on May 20.

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