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Wow, I really did not realize just how far I had fallen behind here in September, and my apologies! Things have been very busy

Wow, I really didn't realize just how far I had fallen behind here in September, and my apologies! Things have been extraordinarily busy with other work this month and I am just now getting a chance to get caught up. I will get contest updates back in a groove shortly.

For now, let's kickstart things here again with something I know is a favorite topic of most - payments!! I've gotten four more payments for August in September since I last posted, three of which have never paid me before so that's even more exciting to be able to report on reliable payers new to the listing of sites that have paid me.

First, though, is one that has been reliably paying me for months - Ozzy's Direct Pay. I received $14.12 from Ozzy's on Monday, September 15th for August payments. This is a reliably paying site, and there are new offers just about daily there.

Another of my very favorites and a long-established site with an excellent history, MatrixMails, paid me $7.52 on September 10th. If you upgrade at MatrixMails, you make way more per action than a free member - 4 cent paid mails instead of 1/2 cent, for instance - and as a Gold Lifetime (never have to pay to upgrade again) there is opportunity to make quite a large sum at MatrixMails, so it's definitely worth checking out.

Then on September 12th, I received a payment of $23.29 from Pirate's Riches. Pirate's Riches has a $20 cashout minimum, but also offers a $7 signup bonus, and there are plenty of contests and new offers added daily to help reach that cashout minimum.

And finally, on September 17th, I received a $1.87 payment from DonkeyMails. I mostly do paid mails at DonkeyMails so it takes me a while to get up a balance, but one thing about DonkeyMails is that there is no minimum cashout so that's always a good option where you could do more if you wanted to rack up a good balance.

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