Updated: 10/28/2008 19:59
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AlterGold is gone We lost vast sums of money Earlier we had been tricked by EBullion payment system When we found that EBullion

AlterGold is gone. We lost vast sums of money. Earlier we had been tricked by E-Bullion payment system. When we found that E-Bullion is dead, owners of SafeAtom Company have been negotiating for 2 days about investments made by our investors via EB. SafeAtom has incurred losses but gave the opportunity to the investors with EB accounts to withdraw means via AlterGold. But now AlterGold is dead. The company has lost hundreds thousands dollars and we cannot completely overcome difficulties caused by this accident. All investors that made investments via E-Bullion or AlterGold will be given an opportunity to withdraw means using Liberty Reserve at a ratio of four to one (4AG USD to 1LR USD).

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