Updated: 11/29/2008 17:39
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It seems that the admin of FastProfitSurf is doing his best to catch up with the pending payouts and to clean up the mess his partner

It seems that the admin of FastProfitSurf is doing his best to catch up with the pending payouts and to clean up the mess his partner made with the program. In my honest opinion, that was quite irresponsible behavior on Pauls side and I didnt expect from him that he would disappear for three days without warning the members and leave all the payouts to his friend. But anyway, thats the past now and we can do nothing about it. In my honest opinion FastProfitSurf is still in danger because the cash flow is affected by these recent events in a very bad way.

And honestly, I would be very surprised if the program could continue after all thats happened. But Paul surprised us two days ago when the payments resumed and I believe he can surprise us again, and this time I hope in a very positive way. Anyway, the current situation with the payouts in FastProfitSurf ? AlertPay payouts are currently on hold and payouts to other payments processors are going on in reverse order (from the newest to the oldest). There are still many investors that reported me that they were waiting for their payments to LibertyReserve and I myself have two more pendings. But in my opinion, the thing that I was paid today almost instantly after the expiration of my latest upgrade is very encouraging and I hope all the payouts will be caught up really soon. This is the update from Paul, where he described the current situation with payouts: I`m sorry that i cant paste here the full list because would be too long to post on forums. Anyway, Im making payments again and verifying payments made to can set them as paid and doing support too. Another member was accusing me of paying only monitors?well, now you can see its not true. Yes I admit, Ive done one payment preferentially to money-news, but thats only because I like his articles so much and I hope Im forgiven for this. Will take me few days to clean up all the mess done but ill do it.

On AlertPay payments will be resumed as soon as AP will unlock my account. Ive emailed them already. Im doing the payments backwards (from 26 to 22) because its easier for me and a little chaotic too because i need to check which has been done to set them us paid and not double them. So please just be patient a little more and thanks for all your support this now. I didnt want to send a newsletter because Ive already sent one today and didnt want to sent too many.

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