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You are probably curious why this news has such heading and I will explain it but a bit later. At first I want to inform you that we have received a...

You are probably curious why this news has such heading and I will explain it but a bit later. At first I want to inform you that we have received a very long newsletter from Andy, the administrator of UniteTrade (unitetrade.com). We have already written news about this program and the first one was just a reminder about it: Unitetrade Reminds About Itself The program had been online for a long time before publishing that news however it had been silent. After that it became very active trying to improve and we received another newsletter informing about the implementation of instant withdrawals feature and SSL. You can read our news about it here: UniteTrade Instant Withdrawals and SSL

In the last newsletter he reminds that a Phone Support and Skype have been added and you can find the details of these two services on a “contact us” page. Phone Support is currently available in two languages and they are English and Hungarian. However Andy has expressed an idea to add two more languages to make this service available for more people. Therefore Russian and German languages might be added soon, which is really great. Andy says that the popularity of UniteTrade has increased since such features as Skype, Phone Support, instant withdrawals and SSL were implemented. You can see this increase if you look at Alexa charts. Alexa traffic rank has increased along with the popularity.

The intention to run his own forum was also expressed. These days the admin of UniteTrade is looking for people who know how to design, to manage and to run forum and asks anyone who knows how and is interested in doing it to sent him emails with ideas. The forum will be created in order to solve problems quicker and to have live discussion and will be used for the following purposes: Posting Payment Proofs; Reporting Spam; Member Introduction; Reporting Other Problems; Reporting Bugs. You will also have a possibility to make money by posting on that forum and it will be something like “Paid-to-Post” work.

FAQ page at Unitetrade.com has been renewed and answers to more questions have been added. Andy asks all users to read FAQ page before sending a ticket with question. He says that he keeps receiving mails with the questions which have been already answered therefore he asks everyone to be attentive. He also promises that there will be interesting contests with generous cash prizes soon and reminds not to make deposits in the program anywhere else but the official website and to check account numbers carefully before investing.

Well, everything seems to be great however we would not recommend you investing in this program. As you all know, Unitetrade.com is a short-term paying on expiry HYIP. There are two plans offered by the program and they are: 120% after 7 calendar days ($5-$5,000) and 150% after 15 calendar days ($100-$60,000). Such programs do not operate for a long time and usually close after completing a couple of rounds but this HYIP is an exception because it has been online for half a year which is a very long period for a program of its kind. We have told you about the specifics of working with short-term paying on expiry HYIPs here: Working With Shortterm Pay on Expiry HYIPs and expressed his ideas in this article. He reminded everyone about such program as BestInv (bestinv.com). BestInv was launched on 7/9/2009 and constantly paid out up until the middle of September 2009. Despite the relatively short term of operating, they completed 8 rounds which brought a 160% pure profit to its first investors (they were offering 120% after 5 days). This project became a hit of last summer due to activeness of its admin Olivia. UniteTrade became a hit of Summer 2010. Of course their plan is not as profitable as it was at Bestinv.com but the lifetime is much longer.

To continue comparing, we should mention that Bestinv closed two weeks later after is was at the peak of its development: (BestInv at the height of its fame Be careful). Will UniteTrade live for 2 months more (we give it 2 months and not weeks because it has been operating longer than Bestinv)? We really hope it will. But the degree of risk increases every day. Therefore we want to warn you now as we did in case with Bestinv.com a year ago. If you are a fan of UniteTrade and you really want to invest, we recommend investing in the shortest plan. In case if you have already received your profit, do not invest more than 50% of your pure profit.

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