Updated: 12/18/2008 08:19
Hyip Monitor

Seems that Commoditex HYIP will never end their program updates. After a week of so-called scheduled maintenance, the admin has announced a new process of system upgrade. The upgrade will be started on Friday and it will be divided into 2 stages: from 12/19/2008 till 12/26/2008 and from 12/29/2008 till 01/05/2009. The system will keep earnings calculation until December 19th, then earnings will be stopped until January 5th.

All accounts and a trading system will be moved to a completely new environment of trading and account's administration platform during this timeframe.

Another important and new detail applies to payment terms. Only one withdrawal request per week will be allowed for the "basic" and "fast profit" accounts since January 5th, but earnings will be calculated daily.

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