Updated: 01/30/2009 14:47
Hyip Monitor

Since it is not manageable to add daily earnings manually to more than 400 involved accounts, many with several daily deposits, we have decided to pay a ‘fixed’ 5% interest for the entire week from Jan. 26 - Jan. 30.
Arthur is doing a great job and is auditing each and every account, but has currently 207 requests still to take care of, so adding everyday an additional 400+ daily earnings is not possible. I have noticed that he had already issued you a bonus for the entire week and just want to let you know that this $5 are for the whole week, in case you haven’t noticed.

BlackLotus is busy with the server upgrade and until tomorrow everything should be moved. Then at least the weekly earnings will be posted automatically how they should work and the daily earnings will be posted daily as from next Monday.

I was working the last couple of days until 2am, you might have noticed some very late withdrawals and I hope that we are done soon and I can take a rest.

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