Updated: 08/18/2010 13:21
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Today we have received a newsletter from the admin of WorldPrivateFunds ( Samuel Arildsen . He informs about the priorities of...

Today we have received a newsletter from the admin of WorldPrivateFunds ( Samuel Arildsen. He informs about the priorities of the project. He plans to extend the domain registration in advance for 5 years with auto renewal every year, so that potential or existing investors know that they and their system will be in business for a very long term. He announces that the domain extending will be done in next one or two weeks.

Of course, it is strange that the admin has not acquired the domain name for a longer period before if he has such big plans. This information, and bonuses which we describe below is a bit disquieting. We are trying to contact the admin to dispel doubts, but we are inclined to take this quite positive update as a warning for now.

Another plan is to add German and Spanish translation during next two weeks. So we will keep you informed on how these innovations are implemented.

Technical characteristics are also presented in a newsletter. WorldPrivateFunds is on dedicated server at, it is SSL encrypted. There are also such functions in script as the transaction code which is used when members withdraw their funds, the IP detection system, the verification process if members request access details.

WorldPrivateFunds has also announced that a 5% cash bonus promotion was extended till the end of August 2010. All newly made deposits from $10 to $500 (both from new and old members), are eligible for a 5% cash bonus. It will be added manually directly to cash balance. This bonus can be withdrawn any time. Deposits from cash balance are not eligible.

WorldPrivateFunds has been online for almost a month offering 5 Plans with 0.9%-2.2% daily with a period from 10 to 120 days.

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