Updated: 02/20/2009 15:24
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Message from Linda, owner of SwapTraffic. Sometime during the night a trial over message appeared on my site swaptraffic.com. This is a strange...

Message from Linda, owner of Swap-Traffic. Sometime during the night a trial over message appeared on my site swap-traffic.com. This is a strange message that has come from ventrino's end and not sure what has caused it at the moment. I have posted in the support forum to get this sorted out as they are not using any other type of support at the moment.
I am hoping they will log in and see it and get this sorted out quickly.
I have an unrefreshed surf page up on my PC from before I went to bed and that is surfing as usual, if I was to close that page or refresh it then I would get the trial over message.
I apologise for the inconvenience caused and once I get this sorted out I will make sure we get an increase to make up for the inconvenience and lost time.

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