Updated: 02/28/2009 17:00
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“All payments has been done for users who added in their accounts AP, PM or EvoWallet. As I have said before, I have dropped LR and SP, so everybody needs to add to their accounts the other payment options in order to can be paid. As soon as they will do this, they will be paid. Maybe in some of you opinions, dropping LR and SP was not such a good move, but considering the very low deposits on these payment processors, it was just the logical move in my opinion. Beside this, AP is the safest for you because they are making refunds so I do not see where is the problem to continue like this. I intend to keep paying for a very long time anyway.

Now, the news for today is that I am launching a referral contest. The prizes will be: 300$- 1st place, 150$ -2nd place, and 50$ -3rd place. Only active referrals will count for this. Even free members can participate. I really hope you will understand that i am doing my best to build up here a long term and stable program who will keep paying for longer than everybody would expect.

Thank you for all your support and I can not wait to see who will win the contest.
P.S. What I forgot to tell you in my former newsletter is that the contest started yesterday and will last for two weeks. Free members are allowed to participate too but only active referrals will count. That is all and I hope you will enjoy this contest. Good luck everybody!”

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