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Congratulations on the start of the new investment week, dear readers. If you are reading these lines, you are possibly ready to go on the hard work of a high yield investor and commence the high quality estimation of another profitable and risky investment opportunity.

The opportunity is called Benson Union. They've been added to our listing nearly a month ago, and a week ago the admin asked for the review. I am glad this happened. First of all i am happy, cause reviewing a really professional project is interesting and useful. As for Benson Union ” is very good. Besides, Benson Union fit my investment portfolio well and just in time. Right now i am goin to explain the reason of my choice and if you don't want to read on, you won't lose anything. One line really matters.

Benson Union ” is a new, longterm project iwth a simple legend, very professional visual approach and attractive representative system. The creator of this HYIP has successfully realized the HYIP components, which, in my hymble opinion, would let this project work long enough for me to get the pure profit on my deposit.*

New and longterm project
Official site testing has been over on January 7, 2012. Starting from this moment the payments started to be accepted, nearly the same time the program started to become added to listings. As i've already said, the program is longterm. The deposit term is 170 days. Of course, you can suspend any moment, though you will have to pay the fee 25%.

Benson Union has appeared at the beginning of 2012 at the best moment possible ” the moment of generational change, during the splash of shortterm programs. Well, of course, it's a hard way for Benson Union, there is a series of weel-proven and not less attractive competitors with long-term offers on the market. However, one can hardly find anything better for investors, seeking for a new opportunity.

With a simple legend
Good legend ” is a good thing, and a simple good legend ” is much better. I am naturally not intent to pay much attention to the legend, cause i relate to those, who understand some certain convention of this given information. Therefore HYIPs are so accessible, and therefore it is so much profitable, cause it is not accepted to explain everything about them. It's not the legend itself, which matters, it's the form actually. Its relevance, its consistence, its comprehension.

Benson Union hit the bull's eye with that. When owning such an impressive site as the one they have, one could tell about anything, up to close relations with NASA, though they followed another way. Forex. One word captures the essence. I guess it's a very good explanation for originating such a high income and it hasn't been used often enough recently. So, the admin of Benson Union could concentrate not upon the legend origin, but upon the origin of the investment offer itself, which eventually led to a good result, didn't it?

With a high quality visual approach
Finally there are actors in video presentations! Unfortunately, HYIP admins are not very much eager for raising the bar of marketing tools, that is why investors have nothing to look at, PDF presentations have just recently become customary! However, combining our efforts with the efforts of the admins, not willing to make no headway, the formats of visual communications develop. And there you go. Presentation in terms of full-scale commerical film with visual effects and real actors! That's what a visitor sees on the main page. My respect! Just because of that i would be ready ready to bet on them, though Benson Union has obviously decided to get all possible of the visual aspect of the maximum.

Logo in the form of Bentley, showing confidence and unexampled luxury, is backed up with the same site design. Each image or icon on the site are related to speed, each color is a shadow of success and financial soundness. A serious bet has been placed on the sense of freedom, which, in designers' opinion is best of all associated with the pilot/airplane subject. The romance of self-controlled flight in any spot of the world.

Well, of course it's not good to steal logos, though the creators of Benson Union, as i have mentioned haven't stopped here and this is the most important thing. They translated the site into 10 languages, they selected corresponding images, worked out the stats, created the PDF presentation.

Registration on the site makes no troubles at all, so take some minutes and register. Here is the link: You don't have to make a deposit to able to look at the member's area. Though having a look at it, you will realize, what i mean saying the high quality visual approach. Benson Union is a kind of project, that raises suspicions in view of such a succesful usage of different ways of info submission. After all, let's not forget that HYIP is not just a virtual office, it's a virtual showcase as well.

Attractive representation system
Effective layout gives a head start for the admin. First of all, there appears a chance of more quiet promotion (investors will estimate the pros, there's no need to shout it all loud, it's all about time). Secondly, the admin can count on the interest towards promoting the project from the referral fee lovers. Benson Union, as i noticed, has the effective layout, and, according to their strategy marketing, they are not in a hurry (or just save money). So, how about the second clause, representation?

Everything is realized perfectly well, starting from the name and ending with the reward system. The program is called Global Partnership, which sounds great actually. The reward system is three-level. 6% -> 2.5% -> 1%. If anyone makes a deposit on your link, you'll get 6%.

«If the client attracted by you attracts another investor, you will receive 2.5% of the deposit made by the second level of investors initially attracted by your affiliate link. And if the latter one attracts some other user to the system, your profit will be 1% of that deposit.» Official FAQ (

Tempting isn't it? And now rate the system of realizing this mechanism, which is following this link, interactive map and multi-level dynamic page - is not what you can expect here every day. Zeros in stats embarass indeed, however there's really something worth looking at.

As you have possibly understood, i am not a follower of retelling all the information, which can be found not just on the official site of the program, on any monitoring as well (including ours). That is why if you are interested in the list of parameters, let me invite you here: however, Benson Union, is offering several funds, each of them has a certain list of parameters, that is why they could be easily shown as a table. With the help of this table it will be easier to choose out of 5 funds the one that fits your strategy best.

Daily interest Amount of investment Investment period Payment schedule Compounding
1.2% 10 “ 499 USD or EUR 170 days Mon-Fry except holidays available
1.4% 500 “ 4 999 USD or EUR 170 days Mon-Fry except holidays available
1.7% 5 000 “ 24 999 USD or EUR 170 days Mon-Fry except holidays available
2.1% 25 000“ 49 999 USD or EUR 170 days Mon-Fry except holidays available
2.45% 50000 “ ¦ USD or EUR 170 days Mon-Fry except holidays availabl

The rest is paperwork. You have an opportunity to contact the admin with the help of customer support ” communication with personal representatives. Or following the address of the head office:

  • The Hong Kong Club Building.
  • Suite 906 Level 9, 3A Chater Road,
  • Central Hong Kong, China
  • Tel.:+852 8192 7173

* Herewith i understand that this given approach (making an effective illusion, fiction) can be used by the fraudsters for putting it across me and dispose to making a deposit. I realize that the responsibility in case of unforseen circumstances that would lead to closing a HYIP, would be totally mine. I am aware of the extent of risks, connected with high yield investing and i don't deposit amounts, lossing which, it can damage my personal and family financial security.

You get to choose!

Besides, pay attention to the information you get from the admin of the project. It concerns the technical support of the site, as well as some peculiarities of participating in the representative program.

Benson Union is hosted in Netherlands datacenter. At the moment we use BlockDOS protection. There are total 36 employees in Benson Union, most of them work in the office. Online and phone support works 5 days a week from 9AM to 6PM GMT. All e-mail support requests are usually answered within a few hours.

To become a representative, you must have at least $1,000 deposited with Benson Union.

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