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Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor seems to be done with struggling their database issues and they have sent a long update explaining the details and results of their... seems to be done with struggling their database issues and they have sent a long update explaining the details and results of their efforts:

I need to bring you up to date on what has transpired and where we are.
We are BACK. Well almost The site is LIVE anyway!!!
Ok, let me get to the points.

Database corruptions, attempted corrections, etc. etc. etc. caused a loss of data. The losses amount to approximately 4 days.
We have pieced the database back together from what we could acquire and the uncorrupted most recent back up. There are still several things left to do.

1) We need to add the new accounts that have been created since this backup copy. This information is available and we will then manually insert the deposits from the history in our ecurrency accounts. Do not worry and please do not send a support ticket. We are working on this and should have it completed in another 24 to 48 hours. Your funds are safe and we will credit every account in full.

2) We have disabled withdraws and reinvest because the Backup used to restore is dated April 2nd. April 2nd withdraw requests have already been paid. We are manually removing the previously paid withdraw amount from those accounts. Once this is done, today, we will enable withdraw requests and reinvest. We will also re-enable auto reinvest for anyone that wants to use it. Were aware that there are some who have had to do multiple withdrawal requests on the same funds and we apologize for the inconvenience to those members.

3) With all the problems we had earlier this week, the database corruption and loss, we have put everything back together and I applaud the efforts of those that have worked tirelessly to do so. I was very fearful that we would have a much more serious problem than we do. The end result is what you see in your accounts. Only a 4 day loss of maturity. This is spectacular in the overall view of things. We have corrected everything that we can. We are where we are. We will not be restricting withdraws after the accounting is completed. Those that feel ill at ease may freely withdraw and leave. It is your money and you are free to take it.

As most of us know, problems like this have brought down many a program. This should be demonstrative of the difference between those that are true opportunities and those that are ponzis. WE are NOT going anywhere! Let the forums jabber and accuse. They can and they will. While they continue to blabber on we will just continue to prove that theres a difference between us and the rest of the pack out there.

We are working hard to complete as much as we can today but there will be some things that will most likely carry over through tomorrow. Once todays work is handled we will allow withdraws this most likely will be by the end of the day so that you may still request today. We will then be reinstalling the new site, adding bank wires and preparing for the release of a new debit card.

For those that feel they must leave, we wish you well, no hard feelings. Youll be welcome to come back anytime. For those that have and will stand beside us we would like to thank you for your patience and support. In the long run, this will make us better as we continue to prepare for the future.

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