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It seems that some jealous competitors cant leave ProjectSurf site alone. Today the site was inaccessible for several hours due to

It seems that some jealous competitors cant leave ProjectSurf (reviewed here) site alone. Today the site was inaccessible for several hours due to another DdoS attack. Fortunately the admin of ProjectSurf Frankie (interviewed here) is as usual on top of things as he already upgraded the necessary level of DdoS protection with his hosting provider. He has sent another update today to all the members of ProjectSurf which Im publishing below:

Hello Everyone, I apologize about the brief down time, it was confirmed we were hit with a HUGE DDOS attack and when I say huge - I mean it knocked my site and 4 others down - The professional idiots were using 30-40 bots from remote locations- so I upgraded my protection even more to elite speed. Total hosting package is about 400.00 a month in case you wanted to know. I am serious about this project and I will do my best to change this industry for the better. I will work hard and I have a few things in the works to add to the revenue incentives.

All Pendings are Paid and I even credited some that missed surfing. I would greatly appreciate showing support for ProjectSurf in the forums.. This industry has became very critical and it is about time it changes starting with me! -
I will extend the contest to another day - but I can tell you I have 3 people who are doing really good with their signature so it might be tough to beat but - please go out there and show your support based on your expectations already, Nothing More - Nothing Less. I am up against a whole new generation of people looking at this industry impacted and I will prevail! -
Please note: This is why it is very important to register in our own forum. You can find it here: www.ProjectSurf.info
It is on a separate server and were you will find the latest information and news! Please everyone register, I have over 500 members but only 70 registered- it will be for your benefit.

Please if you were paid please show your support in the fourms and monitors and mostly our forum on project surf!. I will do my best to make this project a success.
Thank You all for your support!

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