Updated: 03/23/2009 21:54
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Some programs like King HYIP, Able HYIP, Reliable Offshore Club HYIP, Nuclear Invest Llc, FeC Trade are marked as problematic HYIPs due to their members complaints regarding “missed or selective payments”. Fortunately the admins of these HYIPs cooperated with us and each reported problem was investigated and resolved within a short period of time.

One member of HYIP complained about activity of this program. He can’t get his profits. The admin always creates a new condition for withdrawal requests such as transfer fee or an additional deposit. A request of the additional deposit in return for income and previous investment is the prevalent admin’s trick and unfortunately the additional deposit isn’t a money-back guarantee. Such situations are discovered in Real-Onlineforex HYIP, Theemi HYIP and in several other HYIPs. The admins didn’t pay even when additional amounts are paid by their members.

Some of them are situated with PAYING status on different monitoring sites, so please check our ratings all the time and be careful!. Fake monitoring seal is discovered on the RATE US page of Energic Funds HYIP. Please be careful! This program doesn’t pay.

Also, We received emails about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that they aren’t paying and admins aren’t answering emails.

Be careful!
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