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PTVpartner admin encourages members to participate in the dialogue and discussion by means of posting in programs forum

PTVpartner.com administration encourages members to participate in the dialogue and discussion by means of posting in program's forum:

Today we would like to feature our blog. While many are used to blogs and what they are all about, some are not. A blog contains series of articles, normally daily and can be on a wide range of topics. It can be controversial, emotional, newsworthy, interest stories, etc. Our blog will feature a bit of all of these. Right now, you will find articles that have been primarily focused on US happenings and opinions. Many will not agree with all the articles that we place on our blog. This is where a blog is at its finest. We WANT you to agree, disagree and discuss. Please, visit the blog daily or at least as often as you can. Leave a comment and share your opinion. Do you agree? Why? Do you disagree? If so, what are your thoughts? As we develop things we will be including interesting and sometimes controversial articles regarding other countries and their governments. We will also use our blog to share personal security ideas, focus on culture, investment forecasts and many other interesting topics.

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