Updated: 05/17/2009 18:25
Hyip Monitor

I don't know if it's because the weather is becoming nicer or what. But I've noticed that traffic on forums has gotten significantly slower. Posts to blogs I subscribe to are posting less and less frequently. And I depend a lot on those forums and those blogs.


Simple....I learn from them. I have learned a lot over the past year about gpt, affiliate marketing, traffic and, in general, how to make money on the Internet. And as I learn, I share that information with my readers.

Is there more for me to learn about? Absolutely! Things like PPC (pay per click) for instance. But PPC takes upfront money and I dedicated this site to making money without spending money. So that's not a correct topic for this blog.

I hope my readers will bear with me as I scour the sites for new, enlightening information. I haven't given up. It's just taking me longer to find information that is new and not something I've already written about.


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