Updated: 06/04/2009 23:50
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As a matter of fact, ComissionRobot , of course is not a scam. It's a fraud. There is a difference between the first one and the second one, because...

As a matter of fact, ComissionRobot, of course is not a scam. It's a fraud. There is a difference between the first one and the second one, because in the second case we are talking rather about the cheating than a fraud. And the ClickBank here is just a pretense, it's the most obvious thing in the sphere of the affiliate marketing. But let's do it step by step.

ComissionRobot is offering to their clients an automatic system for promotion the products, selling through the ClickBank. Automatic paying system for promotion. Bluntly speaking, the advertisement. But you are paying not for the advertising, but for the Pay-Per-Click, PPC. As with a Google Adwords. So, this is what ComissionRobot do. It's connecting the most developed system of Internet -affiliate marketing with the most advanced system of Internet -PPC advertising. ClickBank with Google Adwords.

What can be more easier? Paying money to the one, and getting it from another. But not in this case. Almost a few months many clients of ComissionRobot are complaining on the one simple disadvantage of this good looking system. IT DOESN'T GIVE THE SALES. It's giving the clicks, but not the sales. Of course, it seems like some one was promising the sales, but we can promise only the clicks. Don't you think that it's suspicious, when we talking about tens of affiliate marketers and thousands of invested dollars, which are giving NO returns. Of course, it looks strange. But when these affiliate marketers are trying to contact the administrator (Darren Gaudry), suddenly the strange things are happening. He is going away, disappearing, the connection is breaking out and so on... Looks like someone is busted.


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