Updated: 07/16/2009 19:15
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The Silver Lodge the other name SilverInvest (www.silverinvest.net or www.silverlodge.net) is very busy. Recently, on the received message you can get the confirmation about their pressure of work: "We are busy to make all payments in time on the 07/15/2009 so it can be on delays with emails.

If translate this message word by word it will be sound like this: we are not paying now, that's why we can't answer on the letters. Wait a little bit and we will fix it. The site of the company is proceeding to work but there is no any monitoring site or even sign up button was removed. That's why it's the classic case of the fraud. At the same time, it's strange that on the MMG the discussion thread is in the general talk ( but not in the scam section, where it should be placed).

Probably, we are talking about that on the ex-domain name www.silverinvest.net in the certain time was appeared www.silverlodge.net, but to our great regret we will not get any explanations from Dominique, because from the pointed address sending only automatic notifications.

Stay away from this company.
By the way the last payouts on the MMG forum is dated June 11.

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