Updated: 08/07/2009 20:11
Hyip Monitor

RegalProfit has appeared on the stage only 25 days ago. He have worked less then a month! Simple, but stylish design, I call them "organic". The accurate logo. In general everything what is forecasting 2-3 months of the silent work! But the situation is the same like with Major Barter - never guess when the administrator is going to run. So, on the 26th day of the work we are receiving the message: Regal Profit is a huge scam. They took $200 and stopped all form of communication with me. Read any other forum, they are not paying.

And it has happened after we have published the interview.
It's a pity. Be careful.
Surface investigation has not confirm any evident proves, but their status on the monitoring sites is really NOT PAYING. Moreover, they have deleted the page with status, so it means they are ready to go. The fact that their support is off-line for the second day is a bad sign.
Stay away from them.


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