Updated: 08/10/2009 22:28
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Online marketing takes time. Lots of it when first getting started. It takes time to learn about Internet marketing. It takes time to design a web site. It takes time to write great content. It takes time to promote your business. And many people fail at Internet marketing simply because they don't have the time.

Most people are working full time to pay their bills and support their families. They can't afford to take the time that is needed to build a successful online business. I am retired and started online marketing about two years ago. Even though I have ‘all the time in the world', the fact is I don't. I volunteer. I travel. I've got a ‘life'.

And yet even though I might have more time than others to devote to the Internet, I am amazed at how much time it took to learn what I needed to learn and, even now, to promote my sites. Yes, I do make 4 figures but I make that because I work at it. It still takes time.

If you want to have your own business, keep in mind that an online business is probably the cheapest way to start. Domains can be purchased cheaply and web hosting is also cheap. Web design can be cheap if you do it yourself. Or set up a blog, to get started, like I have with this site.

One answer to the time problem is to start slow, working on it during spare time. It's going to take longer but you won't get to your goal at all unless you get started.

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Brett Sherpan has been working for seven years writing and editing for online and print media. He has held various editing and copywriting positions and can quickly and competently write copy for sales, marketing and editorial content. Brett is a consistently dependable team player, who thrives in a high-pressure environment, enjoying the challenges of meeting deadlines and am comfortable researching, writing and editing on a wide range of topics
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