Updated: 08/28/2009 01:44
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One of our constant readers of the HyipNews.com has asked very important question: What are we going to do for the monitoring site who claim that the they are paying just because of the 5% referrer commission they will earn from our investment. thanks

Answering: nothing. At this moment - nothing. We were thinking for a long time about the creating of scam monitoring listing, in a way black list of monitoring sites, in which we would include our colleagues, who are too slow or very automatically for qualitative work. But at this moment we don't have a such list. But in any case it's should be.

All what the investor can do - is to delete a such monitoring site from your list of monitoring hyip services. And check it twice. Or just do not trust to it's status. Of course, there are exceptions. Some programs are paying selectively. In every way, are trying to fraud the administrators of the most strong monitoring sites. But you are the investor - a ma , it means that you have unique possibility to consider for and against, "mood " of the market. When you are making the decision of the deposits creating , the status of the automatically and low-quality monitoring sites should be not important for you in this choice.

Not always administrators of a such monitoring sites put negative status deliberately. It's necessary to try write them , to pay attention on the problem. Everyone makes mistakes. The journalists, informers are working for us, we always keep the hand on the pulse of the hyip life and only a few times our status was slow for a few hours from the real. That's why always need to get re-insured and develop. HyipNews.com is not only trying to hold the status of the project, but also teach to forecast it.

So: tell about the project which is not paying to the administrator of the monitoring site, delete the monitoring site from the personal list of the monitoring sites, wide spread the information about low-quality work of the monitoring site on the forums (and write to us) stay with hyipNews.com. Everything is simple.

, HyipNews.com

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