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As I predicted, extended payout period turned into delayed payouts and, finally, the end of Pacforall program. What it astonishing about the members...

As I predicted, extended payout period turned into delayed payouts and, finally, the end of Pacforall program. What it astonishing about the members of the program, even after the last update informing about program closing, there are members who still beleive that ex-admins of the program are fair, and even call them "ladies", while those women (if they are) deserve another words...Well, some people need more lessons to learn anything. Here is the last program update:

I'm sure you have all guessed or feared this by now but PACForAll as it currently is will have to close it’s doors. There are many variables leading to this, but the result is that there just isn’t enough money coming in to cover money going out any more. We have added some of our external income to keep things moving ahead, but without a continuous flow of funds coming in it has not been possible to keep up.
The deposits decreased by 60-70% almost over night, when we introduced the new payment terms. We know that when changing payment terms there will be a decrease until the new cycle is in place. However with all the negative posts on the forums and no payments being made for a few days, this decrease seems to have escalated beyond what is manageable. We tried to put some spark back in with incentives and advertising, but the response was nowhere near what was needed to stay afloat.
You might wonder, why we did not send updates on the situation or come forward on the forums!? Please try and put yourself in our shoes though. We are serious about running a good program and we had dreams about PacForALL being around for a long time. We spent a lot of time and money to get it going as well as maintaining it. We, like you, did not want it to end, so we kept trying.
It is not easy to face a mob in public, with a thousand questions and only answers they don’t really want to hear and as much as we wanted to be able to step up and tell you, that things were not looking the best, we knew that if we did so, it would definitely be the end. So forgive us for hoping that it was just a phase to get through and all would be fine again. We are only humans and not super heroes.

We have paid out what was left in the accounts from PACForAll deposits and predominantly paid people who were not in profit with the oldest pendings as of today. We felt this was the most fair thing to do at this point. Now before you scream scam and hate us, please remember that PACForAll was always a game and we never pretended it to be anything else. At some point it would have to end. This is much sooner than we hoped for unfortunately. There is no point coming with excuses and no point to make any promises. PacForAll ran it’s course and that is all there is to it. We are truly sorry it did not last much longer.

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