Updated: 11/14/2009 09:12
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Our constant readers are asking about the recent ban of our official account at TalkGold Now everything is alright and we continue communicating

Our constant readers are asking about the recent ban of our official account at TalkGold (hyipnews). Now everything is alright and we continue communicating with readers at this great forum without any difficulties. But we really faced difficulties with a moderator, who has brought us to temporary ban. We have just exceeded the limit of warnings. Why? Because the main team of TalkGold consists not from its creators only, but moderators too. The moderators are people who were taken as the volunteers, who control accomplishment of the forum rules as they see fit.

At the same time, nobody evaluated the knowledge of these people and no requirements were put to their work. I doubt if any standards or moderators council exist. We don't employ outside people for our own forum, because they would directly influence the forum itself and the quality of our service. But once someone decides to use such service, he has to organize the system, which will allow keeping up the highest quality.

For instance, we would be able to show the untrustworthy to our forum moderator....but......lets come back to TG, and to this event. Anyways, we have to tell about it, because it's interesting. So, what happened: after publishing the information about the programs, news, and posing our opinion about this or that program, one of TG moderators decided that it was spam. The messages like GOT PAID or PAID ME TODAY, which are published by thousands of administrators, are not considered spam, but independent opinion and unique approach are. Looks like they didn't understand us. What do you think?

What do they mean by saying they didn't understand us. HYIPNews started working at TG, which TG admins probably didn't like, but could do nothing with it. So, that's why the punishment appeared. You are not allowed to express yourself here. Do it like others do it - publish stupid messages and get your visitors. Our aim was not getting the visitors, but sharing information with the investors. Sharing our experience and facts. But as you see it's not easy to do it on TG. Yes, earlier TG was more democratic. Now even at MMG the situation is different. It would be good to see program news, interviews and other information in the program threads. It's a pity, that administrators of these forums and moderators are envious people.

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