Updated: 07/13/2012 15:12
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SolidTrustPay has been experiencing serious troubles lately. As you might have noticed the website of SolidTrustPay was up and down, which naturally...

SolidTrustPay has been experiencing serious troubles lately. As you might have noticed the website of SolidTrustPay was up and down, which naturally affected a lot of HYIPs using this e-currency. Investors were frustrated with the situation going on within last couple of weeks.

The administration of this popular e-currency processor is taking risk to lose interest towards their services, which obviously led to changing the server to a more powerful one. While making the transfer, there occurred some database issues, on BlackLotus' fault. Naturally the panic around the investors online raised extremely fast. Lots of accounts were lost along with the money on them. The SolidTrustPay support has been overloaded with multiple request and abuses.

No matter what happened, it's worth saying that SolidTrustPay administration is handling the issue in a professional way, currently having restored access to members' accounts and getting the site back to more or less stable work. Right after that the update from SolidTrustPay has been sent to the members:

"Hosting and Server Issues
** UPDATE – all services are now restored. Members are able to login freely with the exact same information as before.
SolidTrust continues to experience unexpected server downtime which is causing service disruptions. Our server company has completed a server move, but not all areas of the site are yet fully up and available.
This is exceptionally frustrating for all of us. We ask that you refrain from calling or ticketing as we are aware of all issues and need to focus on them to get your accounts perfect for you as soon as possible.
We will post all updates here as we have them. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth customer experience ASAP no matter what it takes."

Another interruption is planned for today July 13. Due to the telephone system to be undergoing some upgrade works, the phone support would be unavailable on Friday. Ticketing system is working well so if you want to contact SolidTrustPay today, forget the phone:

"Phone Service Interruption – July 13th 2012
In order to better serve you, we will be upgrading our current phone system. This upgrade will result in our phone system being offline on Friday, July 13th. We will resume normal phone support hours on Monday, July 16th.
We appreciate your patience and invite you to contact us via email or our Help Center during this time."

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