Updated: 11/28/2009 17:13
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Yesterday, when we published a previous updated about iMoneyReserve, we warned that we would publish additional news soon, to get you informed. This is news we meant. Yesterday evening we succeeded to contact Cassie Johnson, so we at least want to tell you that she is here and is available. Besides, the next Monday, i.e. 30th of November, they are planning to return to normal working mode without any restrictions. The third, a scheduled downtime is planned for this weekend to update system in new terms.

We, as any investor, cant say that Monday will come and everything will be ok. Cassie Johnson also didnt expect that her project will face abusers, who are not satisfied with high ROI, paid by iMoneyReserve, and they will do everything to get more by fraud. These are those abusers who damaged the program. But these are temporary difficulties and Cassie Johnson assured us that they do not give up. team is doing the best to overcome difficulties and proceed to the next stage of development.

We are looking forward to see it.

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