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Administrator of , a program accused of selective payouts, came up with a "plan". Feel free to read but please mind that this fish...

Administrator of, a program accused of selective payouts, came up with a "plan". Feel free to read but please mind that this fish already stinks:

Hey guys!
Sorry for the inactivity over the weekend.
I've almost finished repaying the remnants of your balances. And I've come up with a plan.
1) The way you guys are investing isn't going to be profitable. Your bankroll management is terrible. But that's understandable, you guys aren't pro-players so I don't expect you to know all that stuff. My fault I guess for giving you too much freedom with your money.
2) Paying you guys manually every day sucks! 300+ payments via liberty reserve is driving me insane. So we're getting a script put in place to manage our membership and payments.
The man with a plan! :D
With the script, you'll be able to invest any amount you like. Your earnings will compound to your balance each day. And you can withdraw whatever whenever. We're going to manage your roll for you, basically capping any losses to a maximum of 1/40th of your investment amount per day (2.50%). And profits will be anything upwards of that!
We're going to open a second plan, that you will only be permitted to invest profit into. So the profits you make from the main plan you can invest into the high risk plan. That's going to operate a 6-buyin roll. (This is going to be the one with the huge daily results (and bigger losses). But we're only letting people who are already in profit try this one. As the risks are there. And I didn't come here to lose you money - especially as half you guys can't afford to lose what you're investing here, if you're re-investments are anything to go by.
I'll be back in a couple days with the new script. For now; i'll finish up these repayments to get things all squared off. And we'll starting turning this train around later in the week.

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