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Nowadays, the project name WhiteFund is generally associated with the campaign that was started on the 19th of March. The idea of this campaign is that every investor gets an additional 11% interest on the sum of their deposit by the end of April, 2010. Therefore, if you invest $100 in WhiteFund before the end of March, the sum of your deposit will be $110. Moreover, if you invest $1000, you will get $1100. However, there are so many more good things to be said about WhiteFund (WF). So keep reading¦


Let`s start with some general information. WhiteFund represents itself as an online investment fund. It functions under the direction of Global Trade and Commerce, S.A., a Panama registered company. According to official information, they started working in 2003. The company creates automatic trading systems which offer their clients unbelievable work-terms and a huge percentage of profits as a result of a guaranteed trading result.

We manage investors' funds using one of several trading systems depending on the investment plan: WF Mercury alone in the Short-term portfolio, WF Mercury, WF Dynamic and WF CS in the Medium-term portfolio, and WF Mercury, WF Dynamic, WF CS and WF Stats combined in the Long-term portfolio.

WhiteFund had been working for about a month at the time of writing this review and it had offered a good account of itself. They hadn`t had any problems with their site functionality, support service, and payouts. They were well accepted by investors and a great number of monitorings. The administrator of the project actively promotes the site and none of his actions have given rise to any censure.

The company offers only three plans to its clients. Each of them has a different duration. You should pay attention to this. The first plan, for example, lasts for 30 days; the second plan lasts for 60 days; the third one for 180 days. And it should go without saying that you will get a higher rate of interest for a longer period of time: 2.2% a day for the third plan, 1.9% for the second plan, and only 1.5% for the first one. Thus, if you trust the company and let it handle your money for a longer period of time, you will earn a larger profit.

We think these are quite reasonable and logical terms. You will earn a 45% profit in the first plan, 114% in the second one, and in the last plan “ the longest one “ you will get 396%. "The principal returns after maturity" in all cases which means that these are percentages of your ROI. It is quite good deal. WhiteFund can be considered a two-month doubler. Its a scheme with a great potential.
The minimum deposit is:

  • 1st plan: $20
  • 2nd plan: $100
  • 3rd plan: $1000

It is interesting that each of these plans also has a maximum deposit. It is considered to be a huge advantage by online investing experts.

  • 1st plan: $2000
  • 2nd plan: $10000
  • 3rd plan: $50000

So, to invest in one of these plans, you must choose the relevant validity period “ in other words, you join one or another of the portfolios. Furthermore, they are called, according to duration respectively, a short-term portfolio, mid-term portfolio, and long-term portfolio. This is easy to remember and it is even easier to understand. In conclusion, the amount of plans is fine and the payout percentages are average though quite profitable.

It should also be noted that the plans last 30, 60 and 180 business days, not calendar. That means your profit will be accrued according to national holidays and surely weekends. This is a quite logical and right condition since the company works on real markets and cannot make profit on nonworking days.

Another interesting fact you should take a note of is that WhiteFund offers a surrender option. This is truly a very useful option. Some can call it a trend of a season, though there are only 2 programs offering such opportunity at this date. Thus it can be duly considered as an exclusive offer and a very important addition to WhiteFund services. The fee of the surrender option is just 30% of your deposit. This is a real breakthrough!

What this project uses for security is really impressive. They have SSL encryption, DDoS protection, and they even have Dedicated server. Even information about WhoIS is clear and convincing. They have done a really great job. With such settings, there is nothing to worry about. They could, however, do more with the site. There is neither a virtual keyboard nor any additional security facilities (like PIN or SMS authentication).

The design of the site is well done and the menu is well organized. You won`t be asked to give any extra information while registering. You won`t have to give your documents or somehow confirm your data. That is why the registration is so simple. You will also find convenient and user-friendly navigation system.

The programs script is reliable and there are not any doubts about it. Services such as RSS and Twitter will be quite useful for those interested in modern communication tools. They are on the site and you can receive news in a way that is convenient for you. We think this is a huge advantage over other sites. Not many programs have these advantages. In short, we figure that this site is perfect from the technical point of view.


First of all, in this category we are interested in references. The company offers 5% for every deposit that you refer. Well, there is nothing special about it, but still it is quite a good percentage. Anyway, this percentage is usually smaller in many other projects.

There are also work-terms such as feedback, communication, and information that the site gives. Everything is great with the feedback. There is an address, a phone number, an email address and of course there is 24hr Live support. They are very friendly and the Support service is also multilingual.

At first, the project was not actively moving forward with the monitoring and forums. But then, step by step, it started to become more and more successful. There are now more than 15 monitorings and companys position on these monitorings keeps growing. A campaign that started in the beginning of March has really helped the development of the company take a big step forward.

There is also a very serious approach to F.A.Qs. As for myself, I found a lot of interesting information; for example, to the question Is WhiteFund an HYIP? there is an answer: WhiteFund is an investment program. Almost all so-called HYIPs are pyramid or Ponzi schemes where profits of previous investors are paid with the money invested by new-comers. Such schemes are destined to collapse because there are little or no underlying earnings from the money received by the promoter. Well, as you can see it is quite clear and easy to understand.

By the way, on the site there is also an online step-by-step guide about how to create an account and how to invest in WF. The information is pertinent and clear. I have personally never seen such great guides. And some sites don`t even have such guides.

Paul Malek, the project manager, also wanted to mention about a very useful and hi-tech option which has been recently installed on the site: We have added a virtual keyboard in the login form a couple of days ago.

We are certain that there will only be a few people wont likeWhiteFund. Almost everybody will definitely like something. This project deserves attention. You should check it out because they have great potential. Moreover, theyve gotten a lot of investors attention so you should join too.

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