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This news came from the administration of InnoInvest ( It is informed that a ticket system has been added on the website and from...

This news came from the administration of Inno-Invest ( It is informed that a ticket system has been added on the website and from now on all members of the program can send a support ticket and see the history of messages. If you have a question and want to send a ticket, go to "Support ticket" section of your account.

In the sent newsletter the administration also clears up how their investment offer works. There is only one investment plan at Inno-Invest and the investment term is unlimited. Meaning you can stay in the program for as long as you wish and the longer you stay “ the higher the interest rate is. You can join the program with just $1 and the maximum is limited to $50,000. The interest rate depends on the stage you are at. You can withdraw anytime but you should keep in mind that there are different fines on every stage.

There are five stages at 0-30 calendar days with 1.8% daily and 100% withdrawal fee; 31-80 days with 2% daily and 75% fee; 81-150 days with 2.2% daily and 50% fee; 151-250 days with 2.4% daily and 25% fee; 250+ with 2.6% daily and 0% fee. is one of the most recent additions to our catalog. A short review of this project is planned to be published this week.

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