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However unpleasant this information could be, it looks like ptvpartner program is on the edge or close to it. A lot of investors are already seeing it...

However unpleasant this information could be, it looks like ptvpartner program is on the edge or close to it. A lot of investors are already seeing it half-dead, and judging from previous sad experience, they may be close to truth. Anyways, time will tell and now we can only take this information into account and be ready:

Lets start with the Ugly.
We have had some serious struggles of late. It is no secret I know. But let me assure you we are going to settle all of this. We will be accelerating ALL your Investment Maturities to accommodate you for the 4 day delays. For those that were already forced to endure them, we will also determine your suffering and compensate you. This won¢‚¬™t happen extremely quickly, we simply have too many things that need immediate attention. But we will compensate you. First, we will solve the SCI problem and populate your account with any and all deposits missing. Second, we are reviewing any and all account suspensions and will be reinstating those as well. We will adjust balances as the need is determined by any doubles you were paid. We have 4 additional bookkeepers assisting us starting Thursday in an effort to handle all accounting issues as quickly as possible.
Now for the Bad.
With the last 10 days or so of issues, there has been mass panic. Mass panic has resulted in extremely high withdraws. Honestly, we just were not prepared to handle the level of withdraws we are seeing currently. We have told you from the beginning, In order to keep on track, we average the withdraws and float 3 days. By float, I mean we maintain three days worth of withdraws, average, in ecurrency to make payouts. With the enormity of withdraws over the last several days, we simply do not have the current level needed to complete all withdraw requests today.
We have wired funds to purchase all the eccurency necessary to cover withdraw requests in excess. Unfortunately, bank wires of this amount take anywhere from 48 to 96 hours. So we will pay withdraw requests in order they are received with the ecurrency we have as we acquire it. We expect to be fully caught up in the next 2 to 4 business days. Of course we expect this fact to create even greater withdraw requests. So we have planned for that as well.
Now for the Good.
I have just finished coordinating a new set of investment opportunities for PTVPartners. Our Gold Excavation is beginning. PTVPartner, in an effort to secure its position in this portion of our Mining operation, is returning 100% of the profits to all members who choose to participate. We have a small window of opportunity to participate in this investment. We also have a small position to take advantage of. Members who participate will have first option to continue this investment opp. It is limited to the first million dollars participated. Once this is fulfilled, only those members that have participated will be able to continue to take advantage of this opportunity.

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