Updated: 05/04/2010 13:48
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The last week turned out to be calm and quiet, with lots of program growing steadily and promoting their services. There were no remarkable crashes or unexpected scams, even those programs that lose their positions and move to their end do it quietly. Maybe this is just a calm period after storm or maybe this is a trend for the nearest future, time will tell. There are still few questions that need answers, in particular, status of PTVpartner program, which still demonstrates vital signs. Of course, experience and intuition prompt that this question has a definite answer, and this is a matter of few days to get it alive. However, there is always a chance, we`ll see.

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Most pieces of news the last week were pleasant for the program admins and their members. They mainly touched upon signs of progress and demonstrations of successful strategies: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16986/FOREXNETCLUB-NEWS/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16975/OLD-AND-NEW/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16966/A-NEW-PLAN/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16964/NOW-IN-FRENCH/,http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16972/REGISTER-AGAIN-WITH-UNIVERSALPLUS/ . Lots of programs still offer various contests to their members to gain winning positions: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16984/DEPOSIT-BONUS-FOR-24/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16983/STAUNCHFINANCES-STRIVE-FOR-POSTS/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16981/FIRST-NEWSLETTER-OF-CHOCOMONEY/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16962/BONUS-PER-HUNDRED/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16959/A-NEW-CONTEST/.

Some programs experienced technical difficulties, and admins hurried to calm investors down and not to allow increase of withdrawals amount - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16980/PRIMARYPOOL-ON-DOWNTIME/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16968/FOREXNETCLUB-DOWNTIME/.

Unfortunately, there was a significant amount of program that have lose their positions of active investment deposits. However, most of them do not hurry up to leave the stage and continue attracting new victims - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16973/SHORT-OF-CASH/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16982/RICHNESS-2-RAGS/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16987/ABALLONG-ACCOUNT-ON-HOLD/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16988/INVEST-AND-GET-NOTHING/. Beware and good luck in new promising projects.

REVIEW OF THE WEEK: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16958/REVIEW-OF-EURONANOINVEST/

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