Updated: 05/06/2010 13:14
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Aballong ( admin in their latest newsletter explains the situation with Strictpay and asks all members to be patient:

We still not get any answers from Strictpay not even the feedback. That they received the papers, and they did! So we are a little behind in investments, into bookies, GDP is somehow back online, but no exchanger is willing to exchange out, so also here we can't do arbitration at the moment, this considered, we still have other Epayment Systems and we still make arbitration with them, and be on time with payments with all Premium Plans as we promised, we got also more than 900 emails at the moment so we are behind this, we work at the emails as fast as we can, please do not send more than one email as it just delays the email responds from us. All pending refund requests will be refunded as fast as we can, please do not submit here more emails, it will not be faster, some people submitting 10 emails at a time!

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