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OilInvestment program started working a week ago, but they seem having a good progress, at least according to extended statistics

OilInvestment program started working a week ago, but they seem having a good progress, at least according to extended statistics board on their homepage.

OilInvestment has a variety of plans to choose from. This is a high-return program, which is always accompanied with high risks and worse sustainability, but there is a good chance that those who get in early will have their profit. Generally, administration offers 6 plans, each of them dividing into types by amount of ROI, which depends upon investment amount.

The first plan pays you 62% daily for two days, which is pretty fast. Deposit limits cover $10 minimum and $150000 maximum. Principal is returned separately after the expiration of investment period. ROI varies from 53% to 62% depending upon deposit amount.

The next plan lasts a day and brings you 104% for investments from $10 to $1000, and 124% for the deposits from deposits above $1000 and up to $150000 maximum. If we try to compare the first plan with current one, we will easily see that this one is obviously profitable. The next plan lasts 5 days, and ROI for this plan may bring you from 122% to 192% depending upon the investment amount, which covers limits of $10 to 150000.

The fourth plan lasts 10 days and you get you profit on investment period expiry. Return is between 140% and 150%. Minimum and maximum remain the same, $10 and $150000.

The next plan covers investment period of 15 days and offers ROI between 165% and 506 with minimum and maximum limits between $10 and $150000. Higher level of ROI seems fantastic and would apply to members' greed, but in this case please remember that risking $150000 would make you lose huge amount of money.

The last plan gives return of 950% for investments from $250 to $500 and 1000%-1082% for deposits from $501 to $150000. This plan lasts for 30 calendar days.

For all plans please take into account program payment schedule , as it is specified by administration on the program site - We make all payments of 7 days in a week, some times a day from 7.00 to 9.00 GMT and from 17.00 to 19.00 GMT. For example, if you make withdraw request at 6.00 GMT, you will receive payout from 7.00 to 9.00 GMT; if you make withdraw request at 9.00 GMT, you will receive payout from 17.00 to 19.00 GMT.

Variety of plans is unfortunately not accompanied with variety of payment processors accepted by the program – they offer only Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Positive feature about the payment methods if the HYIP is that you can switch between these two payment processors within the system.

The program does not demonstrate anything special in regards to program website design, extended functional or additional option, so treat it as a game accordingly and make reasonable decisions.

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